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What's Up Wednesdays Webinar Series--2020

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What's Up Wednesdays is a webinar series hosted by Program & Personnel Development to showcase professional development participants from OSU Extension who attended a National conference and have a program or idea to share.  Any employee who receives funding from OSU Extension through their professional association or directly from administration to support their participation in these conferences were invited to sign up and present a 20 minute program.  Up to three presentations will be given and webinars will be hosted January-May and August-December.  

Other educators who may have a new program or idea to share are welcome to participate.  Please contact Cheryl Newberry to volunteer to present.

Each month the resources and webinar recording will be posted below.  If you are unable to participate in the webinar, but watch the recording, please email Cheryl Newberry to be added to the attendance list for in-service credit. 

September 2020

Hosting a Webinar with In-Person Energy -- Dr. Emily Schwartz, AVP, Financial Education Manager, MidFirst Bank, Scottsdale, AZ
Contact Information for Dr. Schwartz:

August 2020 Webinar

Webinar Recording

Leadership in the City -- Josh Campbell, Oklahoma County Urban Agriculture Educator


Leadership in the City website

National Urban Extension Leaders (NUEL) website 

What's Your Kriptonite:  Extension Burnout and How To Prevent It -- Liz Nicholson, Kay County 4-H Educator

PowerPoint -- join us at OAE4-HA in November for the full program! 

Avoiding Burnout Strategies Handout


June 2020 Webinar

Crucial Conversations -- Lorinda Schrammel, Director, Talent Development, OSU
Webinar Recording -- if a password is required, use:  7P%%%7v1

May 2020 Webinar

Webinar Recording

It's Not Cool to Juul -- Cathy Allen, Associate Extension Specialist, 4-H Youth Development


Youth Grilling Program from Florida 4-H -- Kyle Worthington, Canadian County AG/4-H Educator.  Kyle has access to a dropbox with many of the resources.  If you wish to have more information, please email Kyle.


Strategies for Reaching Male Audiences and more -- Kristy Spalding, Washita FCS/4-H Educator

Health & Wellness Resources for You -- Handout

Mobile Health Resources for You -- Handout

Citizen Science Resources for You -- Handout

Women's Healthwise -- Handout

Healthwise for Guys Website

April 2020 Webinar

Working with Latino Individuals, Couples and Families -- Arleen James, Texas County
Ohio State University site to order toolkit -- free resource (there are also toolkits for other groups such as Asian audiences as well.  
Mindfulness Wellness Curriculum -- Arleen James, Texas County
Mindfulness Wellness Curriculum can be ordered at a cost of $48.
MyPI:  Training Youth to be Community Leaders in Emergency Preparedness -- Karla Knoepfli, Associate Extension Specialist, 4-H Youth Development

March 2020 Webinar

Innovation Skill-Building Training -- Cheryl Newberry, Program & Personnel Development Specialist, & Kimberly Williams, FCS Program Evaluation Specialist

Webinar Recording

Simon Sinek's TedX video -- How Great Leaders Inspire Action
Team Elevate Visualization Poster Innovation Collaborative Team Showcase Visualization Poster
 Team Elevate Poster  Conference Showcase Poster

February 2020 Webinar

Topics and links to resources are provided below.  
Webinar Recording (the last 10 minutes has no video, but there is audio.)

Coming Together for Racial Understanding – Cathleen Taylor, Assistant Extension Specialist, Civic Engagement & Leadership

PowerPoint Presentation

Text Messages Can Be A Powerful Educational Tool -- Lynda Latta, Ellis County FCS/4-H Educator

PowerPoint Presentation

Using Virtual Conferences to Expand Extension’s Reach – Susan Routh, CNEP Area Coordinator


January 2020 Webinar

Topics and links to resources are provided below.

Webinar Recording 

EV Grand PriX:  Indiana 4-H Motorsports Program -- Ruth Allard, Cleveland County

Iowa Camera Corps & Monthly Photography Challenge --
Kimbreley Davis, Cotton County, & Liz Taylor, Grady County
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