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William F. Taggart Scholarship

Application Guidelines for William F. Taggart Scholarship

The following guidelines will be used to administer this scholarship program.

1. Funds from this program are to be used for the pursuit of a graduate degree. Preference will be given to applicant(s) having completed 15-18 hours of graduate study and wish to pursue a graduate degree as a full-time student. However, staff pursuing an advanced degree on a part-time basis are also encouraged to apply.

2. To be eligible staff must meet the following minimum requirements:
a. Must have an approved Plan of Study on file and at least 10 hours completed toward that plan.
b. Two years of satisfactory or better performance in an Extension staff position.
c. Must be majoring in Agriculture, Family Consumer Sciences, Adult Education, or a similar field of study designed to enhance the individual as an Extension professional.
d. Must be an active member of the OSU Cooperative Extension field staff and a member of an Oklahoma Extension Educator's professional association.

3. Application and approval procedure.
a. Applicant will submit a completed application to appropriate District Extension Director for approval.
b. District Extension Director will forward all applications to the Staff and Program Development Office on or before the following deadline.
        Semester or Term    Application Deadline
        Summer or Fall        June 11
        Spring                       October 6
c. Selection committee will meet and make scholarship recommendations based on criteria and funds available. Selection committee will be comprised of one OSU field staff per district and two assistant directors, with the total committee representing all four program areas. Committee appointment will be for a two-year period. The Staff and Program Development Director will serve as Ex-officio member of this committee.

d. Final approval for all scholarships will be by the Vice-President, Dean and Director, Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources.

4. The number of scholarships approved each semester and the amount of each scholarship will be dependent upon the amount of funds available. However, the following guidelines will apply.
        Scholarship    Activity
        $500             one semester as a full-time student
        $250             out-of-state opportunities such as Extension Winter or Summer Schools or other professional development
        $150             regular semester or summer term courses taken as a part-time student and a full-time employee
5. Recipients are limited to two (2) awards from this scholarship program.

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Applications for William F. Taggart Scholarship
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