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Tuition/Fee Waiver

Faculty/Staff Fee Waivers

In order to encourage professional development and professionalism within the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service, employees are eligible to participate in tuition reduction and the waiver of certain fees. To receive any waiver of fees, the 100% time active status employee must submit a completed “Request for Faculty/Staff Fee Waiver” form prior to the beginning of classes. This form must be in the Staff and Program Development Office at least 5 business days before classes start in order to get appropriate signatures. If the form is not on file at the Registrar’s Office prior to the beginning of classes, the employee-student will not be granted the waiver in fees. If you are taking classes at OSU Oklahoma City, an additional form for Faculty/Staff Tuition Waiver Benefits is required. Please call the Staff and Program Development Office (405-744-5398) for this form.

The most recent Faculty/Staff Fee Waiver Form is available for download from the Office of the Registrar’s website,

Faculty/Staff Fee Waiver Form. You can also pick up a blank form from the Office of the Registrar, 322 Student Union, OSU Campus.

For active status 1.0 FTE, continuous, regular staff enrolled in University courses, the following fees will be waived (100%):

1. Student Activity Fees

2. Student Activity Fees – Athletic Fee

3. Health Services Fee

4. Transportation Fee

5. Consumable Material Fee

6. Student Development Initiative Fee

7. Daily O'Collegian


Staff members must pay 50% of the general enrollment (tuition). Any additional fees not listed above, as well as any special course charge must be paid in total by the staff member. (Note: Fees and policies change periodically so individuals should check appropriate OSU policies and University catalog.)

University Enrollment for Staff (3-0744)


OSU Catalog – Tuition, Fees, and Cost Estimates


Fee waiver requests for more than one course or more than 5 credit hours is a special request and will require justification from the employee’s supervisor and District Extension Director. Staff members employed at less than a full-time level (under 1.0 FTE), or who are on Leave Without Pay, are not eligible to receive fee waivers.

There is no special discount for books and supplies at the Student Union Bookstore for staff. Some courses taught through correspondence study, extension, distance education, and outreach may be excluded from receiving the fee waiver and/or may incur special fees. For more information, contact the department offering the course to determine whether the tuition fee waiver applies.


OSU - Oklahoma City Tuition/Fee Waiver can be found at


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