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Educational Leave

Educational Leave

Official educational leave with pay may be granted to full-time (100%) OCES administrative and professional (A&P) field staff for up to three weeks (15 working days) per calendar year to pursue planned professional improvement. Educational leave is subject to satisfactory job performance and administrative approval. Educational leave may be approved for an employee only when it is for the benefit of the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service and contributes directly to the professional growth of the employee. Extension professional field staff requesting educational leave must have completed a six-month period of continuous employment prior to leave being granted. Accumulated annual leave may be combined with official educational leave to the extent earned by the individual, subject to the approval of his or her supervisor. Educational leave may be used for in-state or out-of-state credit or non-credit courses as well as other approved professional development opportunities. The “Educational Leave Request Form” is to be used when requesting official educational leave. Employees paid from grant contract monies must have P.I. and administrative approval in order to be eligible for this benefit. Educational leave may be applied to the time required for travel and participation in the approved activity. Educational leave may not be applied to outside assignments or out-of-class preparation. Educational leave may be applied to the time required to participate in classroom, online, and/or other distance education courses provided the courses have been approved on the “Educational Leave Request Form.”


Educational Leave Request Form Instructions

Select the link for the educational leave form for the appropriate  position.


Educational Leave form for County Educators

Educational Leave form for County Directors

State Specialists and Assistant State Specialists

District Directors and State Administrative Staff

Area Specialists and District Program Specialists


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