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Career Ladder 2019 Timeline

2019 Timeline for Managing Promotion in Professional Career Ladder System for Extension Educators

January 7: The Vice President, Dean, and Director and Associate Vice President, through the District Extension Directors, will initiate the promotion process through distribution of promotion information.

February 1: Career Ladder training via Adobe Connect

February 11: “Intent to Apply for Promotion” form submitted by Extension Educators to District Extension Directors.

February 25: Due date for return of “Intent to Apply for Promotion” form from the District Extension Directors.  District Extension Directors will also send a copy of the returned form to the Staff and Program Development Office.

 April 5 (by 4:00 pm): Extension educators will submit a completed portfolio (one hard copy and an electronic copy on either a CD or flash drive) to the Staff and Program Development Office.

April 22 - May 10: The Peer Review Committee will meet during this period to review/discuss all portfolios and the District Extension Directors will validate the portfolios.

May 13 - June 7: The Associate Vice President will review the portfolios and make recommendations to the Vice President, Dean, and Director.

June 10 - June 21: The Vice President, Dean and Director will make decisions regarding promotion of educators and will send notifications of status through the Associate Vice President and/or District Extension Directors or directly to the applicant.

July 1: Promotion decisions are effective.

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