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Staff and Program Development

The Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service is committed to providing Extension professionals with both initial and continuing staff development opportunities that strengthen their ability to perform their jobs. This website is created with the professional in mind. We hope you find helpful tools for your job on this site.

The Staff and Program Development Office was designed to assist in professional development. Staff members organize new educator orientations and various training opportunities including conferences for Administrative Assistants and County Extension Directors as well as the Biennial Extension Conference. Additionally, the office prepares a monthly newsletter for professional development, handles tuition and fee waivers along with educational leave requests, organizes yearly in-service proposals and orchestrates the career ladder and mentoring processes.

Here are a few of the things this website offers you:

  • Information, updates and resources for Extension Conference

  • Upcoming events

  • A direct link to the in-service page

  • Orientation information

  • Administrative assistant information

  • Mentoring and career ladder guidelines

  • Information regarding tuition and fee waivers as well as educational leave



If there is something you do not see on the website and would like for it to be included, please let us know. Contact Lynette Nelson at 405-744-5398 with any comments or suggestions. Thank you and enjoy your website!

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