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Digital Initiatives and Strategies

This page is where you can keep up to date on DASNR's Digital Initiatives. This page is managed by David Warren, DASNR's Senior Director of Digital Strategies, please feel free to contact him with questions or input.

Updates on Digital

This page is where you can keep up to date on DASNR's Digital Initiatives. This page is managed by David Warren, DASNR's Senior Director of integrated Digital Strategies, please feel free to contact him with questions or input. 
What is Accessibility?
Accessibility refers to the design of websites, applications, documents, and environments so that they are usable by disabled people. Federal laws governing accessibility include the Americans with Disability Act and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. OSU policy is to follow the accessibility standard WCAG 2.0. For a good general introduction to web accessibility, go here

Need to Request a Digital Project?
For web sites and other digital projects, please go to the DASNR Project Request Form and complete the request form. We will reply within 3 business days. If you need an answer faster than that, call or email David Warren directly. 

Want to Learn About Current Trends in Digital?
Watch the video on this page by Mary Meeker, the best known analyst of Internet business over the last 20 years, or read through her slides here

Digital Governance Policy
The new DASNR Digital Governance policy has been approved by administration and went into effect August 19,2019, it can be found at this link. The DASNR Digital Governance Committee has been formed and will have it's first meeting in November. The members of the Committee thus far are: Dr. Hasan Atiyeh, Jane Carpenter, Lindsey Davidson, Dr. Jeff Edwards, Mandy Gross, Dwayne Hunter, Dr. Dave Lalman, Sonya McDaniel, Melissa Mourer, Lyndall Stout and David Warren (chair). Please contact any of these members to offer input for the Committee's consideration about digital issues. 

Check out a short sneak preview video of the new Extension site 
Extension Website Preview Video

Update on the Extension Website Project
As of January 30, the new Extension site has been launched. The site will be in beta/soft launch mode in February while we work on a variety of issues, including collaborating with counties on their sites. Much more to come!

Frequently Asked Questions about the Web Integration Project

Q. What is the Web Integration Project?
A. The Web Integration Project is an initiative created by DASNR's top leadership. This effort will result in dramatic improvement  and modernization of DASNR's 120+ websites. DASNR sites will be integrating into the OSU standard web platform and design system. 
Q. How is the Web Integration Project led and governed?
A. A steering team composed of Jorge Atiles, Jane Carpenter, Lyndall Stout, Dwayne Hunter, Melissa Mourer, Sonya McDaniel, Loren Sizelove, and David Warren meets twice monthly to make key decisions and offer input. David Warren leads the daily efforts of the project. 
Q. Does this project impact how content is updated on existing websites?
A. Continue updating content on your websites using existing processes. At some point, it will likely make sense to put effort into building and placing content on a new site. The timing of site transitions will be discussed as part of a consultation process with each department. 
Q. Will county staff continue to receive Plone training until our site is migrated?
A. Yes, the Extension Technology Specialists in DASNR IT continue to provide training opportunities in both one-on-one, small group, and large group settings. Please contact them if you have questions about training.
Q: I'm ready for our site to move. How do I get on the migration list?
A. All DASNR sites are on the list to move, this will be discussed with each department head in coming weeks as part of a consultation process. We are awaiting some technical updates in the new content management system to begin the transition effort. Please contact David Warren if you have further questions. 
Q. Do we know when the migration will begin?
A. We began building the new Extension site in late June. This site will incorporate all county Extension sites, and will also be the new home for fact sheets. 
Q. Can you give me a brief overview of the migration process?
A. We will begin with a consultation with each department head and their person(s) responsible for updating websites. Decisions will need to be made about how sites will be organized, and which content will be transitioned to the new platform. Training will need to occur, pages built, and then content will be copy and pasted into the new system. 
Q. What other digital initiatives are in the works?
A. We have begun research to develop a DASNR digital strategy. Additional likely projects include email newsletters, CRM, and online learning.
Q. How do I inventory my web pages?
A. An Excel spreadsheet template will be emailed to you.  For instructions on how to complete the spreadsheet, please view the Inventory Process training video.
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