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COVID-19 Resources

Resources for DASNR personnel related to COVID-19

Best Practices Videos

Do It Yourself Bleach Sanitizer Solution

Returning to the County Office

Returning to the Office

DASNR Policies and Guidance Documents Related to COVID-19

Master Gardener guidance (6/1/2020, updated 3/4/2021): PDF download

OHCE and MVP guidance (6/8/2020, updated 3/3/2021): PDF document

2021 COVID Practices - Office Operations, Travel and Waiver Request (2/19/2021): PDF download

Waiver Request for Extension events with >50 participants (2/19/2021): PDF download

Office operations, travel and waiver for Extension events with >50 participants (2/12/2021): PDF download

Pre-Crisis Fairs and Livestock Shows: Word download

"When Can I Be Around Others" (8/5/2020): PDF download

4-H Best Practices Implementation Plan (5/28/2020): PDF download

4-H Meeting Guidelines (5/28/2020): PDF download

4-H Shooting Sports:

County Fair Guidance (6/22/2020): 
PDF download

OSU Extension employee involvement in non-Extension events (5/7/2020): PDF download

OSU Extension office reopening guidance (5/5/2020, updated 6/1/2020): PDF download

OSU Extension COVID-19 Response Plan (3/18/2020): PDF download

Travel Guide for Research and Extension (6/11/2020): PDF document

Links to Additional Resources

Oklahoma State Department of Health:

Cleaning and disinfecting at work: PDF document

ODAFF COVID-19 Events: PDF Document

Virtual tool resources from the American Camping Association related to (4-H) camp reopening:
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