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Vol. 6 – No. 14
July 14, 2006


As you read this newsletter, I am assuming that you have recently read an e-mail from Dr. Whitson discussing the funding outcome of this year’s legislative and State Regents actions.  If you have not read that e-mail, a major item in it was the announcement that we did not receive the $2.9 million Second Century Initiative, Phase II, funds.

I would like to focus a few comments on the “apparent immediate” lack of success with regard to obtaining the $2.9 million of Second Century funding.  First, I could not be more pleased with the effort that was made by Extension personnel in seeking support for this initiative with our State legislators.  We were highly successful in that effort.  The Governor and legislature, were and continue to be, strongly supportive of the initiative.  Thus, we fully achieved our objective of obtaining legislative support.  Second, because we achieved strong legislative support there is still hope that we can have “delayed success” based on our efforts.  I assure you that the DASNR administration is exploring every option in that regard.  This effort will focus on the State Regents as well as upon maintaining our support from the legislature.  Complicating these efforts of course are the fact that both the composition of the legislature and the composition of the State Regents are changing.  Specifically, the Chancellor for the State Regents recently resigned and the upcoming elections will likely change the composition of the legislature.

On the bright side (as also stated in Dr. Whitson’s email) we did receive approximately twice the increase in funding that we did a year ago, i.e. the increase was approximately 9%.  This is a result of the record level new appropriation of $130 million to the higher education system.  This is actually more funding than we were planning on receiving and will provide help (albeit not as much as $2.9 million would have) in recovering from recent years when we experienced cuts and shortfalls in funding.  I make no promises this quickly after receiving this part of a favorable new budget as to specifically what this means.  However, this budget level would seem to allow us to start thinking about addressing problems such as starting salary levels, timely replacement of most retirements and resignations, and consideration of a limited amount of key new positions.  Funding for the new Career Ladder has always been secure, but this certainly assures that Career Ladder funding will not stress our budget.

Again, thank you for your strong support and involvement in our Second Century Legislative Initative.


                                                                                                Jim Trapp



Horse Symposium Slated: The OSU Center for Veterinary Health Sciences, Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service, and the Animal Science Department will host the OSU Horse Owner’s Symposium, Saturday, September 9 from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at McElroy Hall. Pre-registration fee is $30.00 per person by September 1. For additional information contact Dr. Carolynn MacAllister at 405-744-7672.


County Training Program: Effective July 1, the County Training Program at Oklahoma State University is being administered by OCES. This statutorily mandated program provides training and technical assistance for county officers in Oklahoma (with the exception of county assessors) and their employees. The purpose of the County Training Program is to help these individuals execute their duties more effectively, efficiently, and professionally.

Duties of the program include developing and teaching courses relevant to county government, researching, revising, and publishing handbooks for county offices, working with state agencies and other resources to offer technical assistance and guidance to county officials and their employees, and maintaining databases for certification programs for each county officer group.

This program is overseen and directed by the Commission on County Government Personnel.  Education and Training. Commission members consist of the President of OSU, the State Auditor and Inspector, the President of the County Officers and Deputies Association, the Director of the Department of Transportation, and the Chairman of the Tax Commission.

County Training Program offices are located in the Department of Agricultural Economics in Ag Hall.

Staffing the program are the following people:

            Notie Lansford, Coordinator
            Agricultural Economics Professor and Extension Economist

            Ann Embree, Local Government Specialist

            Judy Rudin, Local Government Specialist

            Don Sporleder, Local Government Specialist

            Rene Flasch, Unit Assistant

           Gloria Cook, Senior Secretary

For more information, go to the County Training Program’s new Web site at http://www.agecon.okstate.edu/ctp.

Faculty Join Department: The Department of Plant and Soil Sciences is pleased to announce the recent hiring of two plant breeding and genetics faculty.  Liuling Yan and Yanqi Wu both joined the department on July 1, 2006.  Dr. Yan is an assistant professor in wheat molecular genetics and breeding and Dr. Wu is an assistant professor in forage breeding and genetics. 

Dr. Yan received his B.S. in Agronomy in 1984 and his M.S. in Wheat Physiology in 1987 from Yangzhou University, China.  From 1987-1995, he was an assistant professor at Yangzhou University.  In 1999, he received his Ph.D. in Plant Molecular Genetics from Victoria University, Austrailia.  Before joining OSU, he was employed as a post doctoral research scientist for six years in the Department of Plant Sciences at University of California at Davis.  At OSU, Dr. Yan will be responsible for the development of an applied hard red winter wheat genomics program and for teaching plant breeding and molecular genetics courses at the undergraduate and graduate level.

Dr. Wu received a B.S. degree in Animal Science from Ningxia University, China in 1985, and an M.S. in Forage Science from Sichuan Agricultural University, China in 1988.  From 1988-2000, he was an associate professor and instructor at Sichuan University.  In 2004, he received his Ph.D. in Crop Science with emphasis in grass breeding from Oklahoma State University.  Before joining OSU, he was employed as a post doctoral research associate with USDA-ARS, Stillwater.  At OSU, he will be responsible for maintaining and improving a nationally recognized grass breeding research program in forage and turf bermudagrasses and switchgrass and other feedstocks for bio-fuels.  He will also teach undergraduate and graduate level courses in genetics, cytogenetics, and applied biotechnology.

Condolences to: The Bruce Bostian family. Bruce was the Station Superintendent, Oklahoma Vegetable Research Station in Bixby from 1980 to August 2005.  His funeral services were July 3 at the Bixby Methodist Church.   


Good News

Grant Recipient:  Gale A. Mills, Family and Consumer Science Educator, Washington County just received word that she is the recipient of a $2,450 grant from the American Heart Association – Heart and Stroke Community Development Fund.  The purpose of this grant will be to develop a new community program with resource materials to benefit the cardiovascular health of residents.  Gale’s selected program focus is Childhood Obesity.  Gale will administer her program entitled Movin’ with the Right Bites, over the course of the upcoming 2006-2007 school year with 5th grade students at the Dewey Elementary School in her county.  Gale will receive assistance from employees of the Washington County Health Department and Turning Point.

Harper County 4-H Member Wins Contest:  Taylor Price of Laverne, recently won the Brown Swiss Dairy Breeder's Essay Contest for 4-H and FFA members.  Her prize was a Brown Swiss heifer calf. Her essay was chosen from 20 that were submitted. Taylor is the 12-year-old daughter of Steve and Zola Price and has been in 4-H for three years.

The purpose of the contest was to encourage the growth and development of Brown Swiss cattle through the 4-H and FFA programs in Oklahoma. Taylor is required to breed the heifer to a registered Brown Swiss bull and is expected to present a report on the progress of this project at the annual winter Oklahoma Brown Swiss Cattle Breeder's meeting. In addition, Taylor will be required to own the heifer two years and must compete both years as a junior exhibitor in two of the major dairy shows in Oklahoma.



Clem Ward, Extension Livestock Marketing Specialist, received the Western Agricultural Economics Association’s Distinguished Scholar Award at the WAEA meetings in Anchorage last month.



Noah B. Litherland, Assistant Professor, Animal Science, effective 8-31-06

 Title Changes

J. Chad Webb, Extension Educator, Ag/4-H, Noble County, effective 8-1-06 (was: Senior Agriculturist, Plant & Soil Sciences)

Carol J. Laverty, Extension Educator, FCS/4-H, Harper County, effective 7-1-06 (was: Extension Educator, FCS/4-H & Interim CED)

Timothy Harland, Extension Educator, Ag/4-H & Interim CED, Harper County, effective 7-1-06 (was: Extension Educator, Ag/4-H)


Andrea L. Buck, Extension Educator, FCS/4-H, Okmulgee County, effective 7-25-06


July 18: Animal Science Field Days -- Beef Field Day (Stillwater)

July 19: Animal Science Field Days -- Sheep Field Day (Stillwater)

July 19: Winter Canola Conference Hoover Bldg. (Enid)

July 20: Animal Science Field Days -- Swine Field Day (Stillwater)

July 20: Winter Canola Conference Community Center  (Altus)

July 21: 4-H Work in Progress Conference (Stillwater)

July 22: State Leadership Development Conference (Stillwater)

July 25-27: OSU Youth Livestock Judging Camp (Stillwater)

July 26-28: OAE4-HA Annual Conference (Enid)

July 26-30: Southern Regional 4-H Horse Championships (Raleigh, NC)

July 27: Grain Sorghum Plot Tour OPREC (Goodwell)

August 2: 4-H In-Service Educational Offerings Proposal – Northwest District (TBA)

August 2: Teen Action and Growth – T.A.G.  You’re It In-Service – Northwest District (TBA)

August 2: “Building Leaders for Tomorrow” – Northwest District (TBA)

August 9: 4-H In-Service Educational Offerings Proposal – Southeast (TBA)

August 9: Teen Action and Growth – T.A.G.  You’re It In-Service – Southeast District (Beavers Bend)

August 9: “Building Leaders for Tomorrow” Southeast District (Beavers Bend)

August 9-10: Southeast District In-Service (Beavers Bend)

August 10: 4-H In-Service Educational Offerings Proposal – Southwest (TBA)

August 10: Teen Action and Growth – T.A.G.  You’re It In-Service – Southwest District (TBA)

August 10: “Building Leaders for Tomorrow” – Southwest District (TBA)

August 10-11: Master Cattleman Summit (Stillwater)




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