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Volume 17, Number 9
May 5, 2017


Lynn Malley Taking Part in Upcoming Webinar: Lynn Malley, OSU Cooperative Extension assistant state specialist, solid waste management programs, is one of four speakers in an upcoming free webinar focusing on fighting drug abuse and reducing water impacts. The webinar will take place May 15 from 2:30 p.m. to 4 p.m. On this webinar, expert speakers will discuss why and how they have implemented effective disposal programs at their local pharmacy, hospital, or law enforcement agency.
     Each year, over $1 billion worth of leftover drugs are thrown in the trash, flushed, or relegated to medicine cabinets. Removing unwanted prescription drugs from the home reduces their availability to addicts, children, and pets, and prevents them from being thrown in the garbage or down the drain where they enter the environment and contaminate our waterways. Drug take-back programs - collection receptacles and mail-back envelopes - provide residents with a convenient way to safely dispose of leftover medications. Pharmacies in Oklahoma participating in the program include
Razook’s Drug, 1518 W. 9th Ave., Stillwater, Oklahoma; Moore RX, 2018 S. I-35 Service Road, Moore, Oklahoma; Family Health Pharmacy, 10021 S. Western Ave., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; and Pawnee Indian Health Center, 1201 Heritage Circle Exit, Pawnee, Oklahoma.
     Those interested in participating in the webinar may register at Drug Take-Back: A Tool for Rural Areas to Fight Drug Abuse and Reduce Water Impacts. Email Malley at lynn.malley@okstate.edu for additional information.

Fruit and Vegetable Growers Course: Fruit and vegetable growers interested in learning more about produce safety can do so at the upcoming Produce Safety Alliance Grower Training Course. Slated May 16, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., at the Robert M. Kerr Food and Agricultural Products Center at OSU, the PSA Grower Training Course also will focus on the Food Safety Modernization Act Produce Safety Rule, Good Agricultural Practices, co-management of natural resources and food safety. Registration is $25 and includes lunch, snacks, and class materials. Extension Educators may attend for free. Those interested in attending may register here. After completing the course, participants will receive a certificate from the Association of Food and Drug Officials verifying completed training. Additional information is available here.             


OSU Weed Science Program Needs Your Help: The OSU Weed Science Program is trying to get a better record of where weeds are occurring throughout the state of Oklahoma. We are asking the County Educators to start using the iNaturalist app, which can be found on both android and apple phones. There also is an iNaturalist website at www.inaturalist.org. A project page has been set up which can be found by searching “Oklahoma Crop Weeds” on the website and you can select to add that to your projects. In addition, participants also can follow current specialists who are using iNaturalist. When you follow a specialist, then we also can follow County Educators and help with identification of plants that you upload. By using this technology, OSU weed scientists will be able to better serve stakeholders by having a more comprehensive knowledge on current distributions of weed species. Please contact Beatrix Haggard at Beatrix.Haggard@okstate.edu for more information.

World of Wheat: Bob Hunger, Extension Wheat Pathologist, has provided the most up-to-date information on wheat disease, which can be found here. Also, here is a link to a new, hot-off-the-press Fact Sheet, PSS-2178 “Dual-Purpose Wheat: Management for Forage and Grain Production.  

New/Updated Publications on PODS: There are a number of new and updated publications available on the Print on Demand System at http://osufacts.okstate.edu/docushare/dsweb/HomePage. New publications include:

  • PSS-2178 Dual Purpose Wheat: Management for Forage and Grain Production
  • EPP-7334 Banker Plants for Control of Greenhouse Pests

Revised publications include:

  • T-3200 Nutrition for Older Adults: Diet and Health Guidelines for Weight Loss New
  • T-3199 Nutrition for Older Adults: Diet and Health Guidelines to Lower the Risk of High Blood Pressure New
  • T-3198 Nutrition for Older Adults: Diet and Health Guidelines to Lower the Risk of Heart Disease New
  • T-3196 Nutrition for Older Adults: Diet and Health Guidelines to Lower the risk of Osteoporosis New
  • T-3195 Nutrition for Older Adults: Diet and Health Guidelines to Lower the Risk of Medicine and Nutrient Interactions New
  • T-3194 Nutrition for Older Adults: Diet and Health Guidelines for Food Intolerances New
  • T-3193 Nutrition for Older Adults: Dietary and Health Guidelines To Lower The Risk of Cancer New
  • T-3216 Journey through Health: Brain
  • T-3215 Journey through Health: Immune System
  • T-3214 Journey through Health: Kidneys
  • T-3213 Journey through Health: Pancreas
  • T-3212 Journey through Health: Bones
  • T-3211 Journey through Health: Muscles
  • T-3210 Journey through Health: Heart and Blood Vessels
  • T-3209 Journey through Health: Intestines
  • T-3208 Journey through Health: Stomach
  • T-3207 Journey through Health: Mouth, Teeth and Gums
  • T-3206 Journey through Health: Eyes
  • T-3205 Nutrition for Older Adults: Planning Healthful Meals with the USDA MyPlate Daily Checklist
  • T-3104 Nutrition for Older Adults: Appetite and Nutrition
  • T-3181 Nutrition for Older Adults: USDA MyPlate Daily Checklist
  • T-3172 USDA MyPlate Daily Checklist
  • T-3173 Nutrition for Older Adults: For Caregivers-Mental Decline and Nutrition
  • T-3183 Nutrition for Older Adults: USDA Daily Food Plan
  • T-3184 Nutrition for Older Adults: Nutrition Needs with Aging
  • T-3149 Nutrition in Later Years
  • T-3191 Nutrition for Older Adults: Water and Dehydration
  • T-3190 Nutrition for Older Adults: Vitamin and Mineral Supplements
  • T-3189 Nutrition for Older Adults: Vision and Nutrition
  • T-3188 Nutrition for Older Adults: Taste, Smell and Nutrition
  • T-3187 Nutrition for Older Adults: Strength, Coordination, Range of Motion and Nutrition
  • T-3286 Nutrition for Older Adults: Social and Emotional Changes and Nutrition
  • T-3185 Nutrition for Older Adults: Shopping Tips
  • T-3180 Nutrition for Older Adults: Medicines and Nutrition
  • T-3179 Nutrition for Older Adults: Factors Which Affect Food Intake
  • T-3178 Nutrition for Older Adults: Digestion, Food Intolerance and Nutrition
  • T-3176 Nutrition for Older Adults: Cooking Tips for One or Two
  • T-3175 Nutrition for Older Adults: Constipation and Nutrition
  • T-3174 Nutrition for Older Adults: Chewing, Swallowing, and Nutrition
  • T-3148 Food Intake in Later Years 

Congratulations to: Hillary Finck, Extension Educator, 4-H Youth Development, Canadian County, on her marriage to Bryson Bollinger. The couple married April 22. Congratulations Hillary and Bryson!

Congratulations to: Gloria King, Family and Consumer Sciences Program Specialist, Southwest District, and her husband, Paul, on the birth of their granddaughter. Henley May King was born May 1, weighed 8 pounds, 7 ounces, and was 21 inches long. Proud parents are George and Tiffanye King. 


OEAFCS Recognizes Members: Members of the Oklahoma Extension Association of Family and Consumer Sciences met recently for the group’s annual state meeting. A special awards luncheon took place to recognize the achievements of club members. Award winners include:

OCES Foundation Scholarships/Awards

Grace Spivey Professional Development

  •        Susan Routh

Irma Manning Professional Development

  •        Lauren Amaya and Janice Hermann
  •        Lynn Null

Gladys T. Logue Leadership Endowment Fund

  •       Dana Baldwin
  •       Kathy Enyart

Lucille Clark Scholarship

  •        Gina Peek

Marilyn Burns Recognition Program Promotion

  •       Janna Kelley

OEAFCS State Awards

Cleo Bryan Award

  •      Kathy Enyart

OEAFCS Friend of Extension Award

  •       Tonya McCleary (Executive Producer for Fox 25 “Living Oklahoma”) Nominated by Ladonna Hines

OEAFCS Scholarship

  •      Jean Bailey

2016 Distinguished Service Award

  •      Ladonna Hines
  •      Sonya McDaniel

2016 Continued Excellence Award

  •      Donna Jung
  •      Brenda Sheik

Barbara Tricinella Family Resiliency

  •      Lynda Latta

Research and Informal Study

  •     Jan Maples and “Poverty Simulation” Team

Para-Professional Award

  •     Sheri Geiger

Past Presidents’ Professional Development Award

  •     Donna Jung


Communications Educational Curriculum

  •    Sissy Osteen and team

o   Cindy Clampet

o   Susan Routh

o   Ranel Lasley

o   Brenda Gandy

o   Tara Brown

Communications Photography

  •      Brenda Hill-Alta

Communications Radio/Podcast Program

  •    Gale Mills

Communications TV/Video Program

  •     Arleen James

Communications Educational Technology

  •   Kelsey Ratcliff

Communications Written Press Release

  •   Brenda Hill-Alta

Community Partnership

  •    Dea Rash and Trinity Brown

Early Childhood Child Care Training

  •    Kelsey Ratcliff

Family Health and Wellness

  •    Brenda Hill-Alta

Mary M Wells Memorial Diversity

  •   Jan Maples and team

o   Brenda Miller

o   Sonya McDaniel

o   Dave Shideler

o   Renee Daugherty

o   Kimberly Williams

o   Lindsey Miner

o   Ladonna Hines

o   Kelsey Ratcliff

o   Lauren Wren

o   Janna Kelley

o   Trinity Brown

o   Nancy Self

o   Donna Robbins

o   Dea Rash

o   Lesa Rauh

o   Suzette Barta

o   Angela Howard

Florence Hall

  •    Lynda Latta

School Wellness

  •     Dea Rash and Trinity Brown

Human Development/Family Relationships

  •     Lynda Latta

Environmental Education

  •   Gale Mills

Program Excellence through Research

  •    Radonna Sawatzky and team

o   Nancy Hylton

o   Ranel Lasley

o   Donna Jung

o   Lynn Null

o   Pam Varner

o   Connie Wollenberg

o   Susan Routh

o   Cheryl Lively

o   Tara Brown

o   Brenda Medlock

o   Mickey Simpson

o   Lisa Hamblin

o   Brenda Gandy

o   Kristy Spalding

o   Randi McCann

o   Danielle Wells

o   Debbie Sharp

o   Sonya McDaniel

o   Megan Anderson

o   Rachel Lockwood

o   Danette Russell

o   Lauren Wren

o   Barbara Elkins

o   Kelsey Ratcliff

o   Tommie James

o   Sara Randolph

o   Liz Gardner-McBee

o   Joy Rhodes

o   Jean Bailey

o   Lesa Rauh

o   Dana Baldwin

o   Lindsey Miner

o   Arleen James

o   Rhonda Devor

o   Susan Holliday

o   Kathy Enyart

o   Tari Lee

o   Gale Mills

o   Donna Robbins

o   Trinity Brown

o   Dea Rash

o   Jessica Riggin

o   Jan Maples

o   Nancy Self

o   Melody Ennis

o   Melanie Taylor

o   April Cole

o   Heather Winn

o   Penny King

o   Amy O’Bryan

2017 Extension Educator of the Year

  •   Arleen James

Retiree Recognition

  • Carol Laverty
  •  Susan Moffat
  •  Lani Williams




    None to report

    Title Changes/Transfers

    Brenda Medlock, Extension Educator, Family and Consumer Sciences/4-H Youth Development, Kay County, effective 4-30-17 (was: Extension Educator, Family and Consumer Sciences/4-H Youth Development, Kiowa County)


    None to report


    Internal Applicants Only

    Extension Educator, Family and Consumer Sciences/4-H Youth Development, Alfalfa County

    Extension Educator, Agriculture, 4-H Youth Development, Grady County

    Area Positions

    Area Extension Agriculture Economist, SW District

    Area Extension Agronomy Specialist, SE District


    May 4-7: New OK-FIRE System Training (Tulsa)
    May 12: Lahoma Wheat Field Day (Lahoma)
    May 15: IFMAPS In-service (Stillwater)
    May 16: Produce Safety Alliance Grower Training Course (Stillwater)
    May 19: Co-Parenting for Resilience (Pauls Valley)
    May 20: Co-Parenting for Resilience (Kingfisher)
    May 25: Vegetable Field Day (Perkins)
    May 31: Native Plant Materials Conference (Stillwater)
    June 6: 4-H Ambassadors Retreat (Stillwater)
    June 7: 4-H Leadership Retreat (Stillwater)
    June 15-24: Citizenship Washington Focus (Washington, D.C.)
    June 23: Co-Parenting for Resilience (Purcell)
    June 26-28: 4-H Design Institute (Stillwater)
    July14: Co-Parenting for Resilience (Pauls Valley)
    July 15: Oklahoma 4-H .22 Pistol and .22 Rifle Contest (Oklahoma City)
    July 18: OSU Big 3 Field Days (Stillwater)
    July 22: Oklahoma 4-H Shooting Sports Instructor Recertification Training Workshop (Stillwater)
    July 26-28: 96th State 4-H Roundup

















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