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Volume 16, Number 12
July 15, 2016



Northwest Oklahoma Beef Conference: The Northwest Oklahoma Beef Conference will take place Aug. 11 at the Chisholm Trail Expo Center in Enid. The conference begins at 9:30 a.m. This year’s conference will take a look at how further processing, innovation, policy and marketing play a role in the value of beef beyond the ranch. John Patrick Lopez, chief operations officer of Lopez Foods, Inc., will serve as keynote speaker. In addition, Jessica Sampson, agricultural economist from the Livestock Marketing Information Center, will share information regarding the current state of the industry and analyze industry trends and world issues that may play a role in beef prices. Jake Nelson, value-added meat processing specialist from FAPC will highlight newly developed beef cuts in an interactive meat cutting demonstration, and Heather Buckmaster, executive director of the Oklahoma Beef Council, will discuss the impact these new cuts have on consumer demand.
     The conference also includes a trade show and complimentary lunch. Interested persons may RSVP to their county OSU Extension office, or to Dana Zook at 580-237-7677 or via email at dana.zook@okstate.edu.

OALP Class XVIII begins Aug. 17: Members of the Oklahoma Agricultural Leadership Program will begin their adventure Aug. 17-19 in Stillwater. The first seminar, “Launch of the OALP Experience,” will focus on getting to know one another, as well as learning about the history and purpose of the program, spending time in team-building activities at Camp Redlands, and serving the community dinner. In addition, class members will hear an overview of DASNR, CASNR, OAES, and OCES, and learn about setting goals and defining leadership. The seminar will wrap up with a lesson on dining etiquette.
     The class is comprised of 29 individuals representing 16 counties across the state. OALP Class XVIII members include:

Dakota Arthur – Pauls Valley
Melody Aufill – Yale
Brady Bond – Garber
Don Drury – Locust Grove
Joshua Gaskamp – Marietta
Justin Ham – Skiatook
Janet Johnson – Konawa
Ryan Johnson – Hunter
Travis Jones – Roff
Daniel Koelsch – Ponca City
Jake Linneman – Stillwater
Stephen Mills – Rush Springs
Jeff Moen – Ardmore
Tyson Morton – Newkirk
Tyler Nabors – Enid
Shelly Newton – Hinton
Charlcey Plummer – Stillwater
Sarah Probasco – Stillwater
Alex Rocateli – Stillwater
Grant Rohwer – Stillwater
Amanda Rosholt – El Reno
Gary Scott – Newkirk
Colt Silvers – Perkins
Jona Kay Squires – Kingfisher
Keenen Taylor – Weatherford
Brandon Varner – Frederick
Daryn Vencl – Garber
Barry Whitworth – Ada
Craig Woods – Stillwater


No Peaches This Year: There was no peach crop at Perkins this year primarily due to a late freeze.  However, a decision was made earlier this year to reduce funding to the Cimarron Valley Research Station and eliminate management of the aging peach orchard. Therefore, even though there are no plans to eliminate the peach orchard, the quality and quantity of peaches will be greatly reduced and it is doubtful a meaningful crop will be available for sale in future years.

Design Institute a Big Success: Twenty-six participants took part in the inaugural Design Institute that took place recently at Oklahoma State University. The Design Institute, which was a joint project with OSU’s Design, Housing and Merchandising Department and the Oklahoma 4-H Youth Development program, not only helped the 4-H’ers hone their sewing skills, it also introduced them to a wide variety of career opportunities in apparel design and production, as well as a chance to learn more about the science and technology involved in these areas. They learned about personal style, wardrobe management, body scanning and sharpened their basic clothing repair skills.

PRIDE Program: Even the most conscientious of employees need a reminder every now and then about the importance of quality customer service—to their jobs, to their employers, and even to their communities. That’s what the PRIDE program is all about.
     The PRIDE Program is a 2.5 hour workshop that presents basic hospitality skills, but also places an emphasis on how frontline employees impact the entire community through their use of those skills. It is highly recommended for businesses in communities that depend on tourism dollars. PRIDE may be presented by one educator, but it is more engaging with two. Materials required to present the program include a PowerPoint Presentation, the “Welcome to Town Video,” a short handout for participants, an evaluation form, and a certificate of completion.
     Educators who would like to have the PRIDE materials in order to offer the program in their counties are encouraged to contact Suzette Barta, who is now serving as the statewide coordinator for the PRIDE Program. Barta also is available to answer general questions about the program and to provide one-on-one training for educators who have never been introduced to PRIDE. She may be reached at suzette.barta@okstate.edu or 405-747-8320.
     To help counties market the program, a webpage, PRIDE.okstate.edu, is now available and provides some basic information about PRIDE. A PRIDE brochure in pdf form also is available on the webpage. Educators may print the brochure and fill in their own contact information.
     In addition, a Facebook page is available at www.facebook.com/PRIDEcustomerservice. Educators are encouraged to post photos and share their own experiences with the PRIDE Program.
     If you are using PRIDE or have used it in the recent past, Suzette would like to hear from you. She would like to get some input about the program, how it is being used, updates that might be needed, training needs, etc.

Biosecurity for Horses Information Available: Owning a horse is an investment and participating in events where horses mingle increases their exposure to many diseases that can spread from horse to horse. Elisabeth Giedt and Kris Hiney have developed informational pieces for horse owners that address biosecurity issues at events such as horse shows, rodeos, roping and other events. Please contact Giedt at 405-744-8587 or giedt@okstate.edu, or Hiney at 405-744-9291or khiney@okstate.edu to obtain the informational graphic and poster. A video also is available here on O State TV.

New/Updated Publications on PODS: There are a number of new and updated publications available on the Print on Demand System at http://osufacts.okstate.edu/docushare/dsweb/HomePage. New publications include:

  • HLA-6449 Mycorrhizal Fungi
  • AGEC-1061 Oklahoma High School Achievement: Do Small Schools Perform Better or Worse?
  • SRAC-454 Recirculating Aquaculture Tank Production Systems: Aquaponics – Integrating Fish and Plant Culture
  • SRAC-5006 Economics of Aquaponics
  • SRAC-5007 Principles of Small-Scale Aquaponics
  • PSS-2917 Phosphorus and Water Quality
  • FAPC-202 Is “Made in Oklahoma” a Good Marketing Angle for My New Business
  • EPP-7095 Sclerotinia Stem Rot of Canola

Revised publications include:

  • E-1003 Oklahoma Homeowner’s handbook for Soil and Nutrient Management
  • CR-7167 Soybean Insect Survey and Control in Oklahoma
  • CR-7170 Management of Insect and Mite Pests in Sorghum
  • CR-7192 Management of Insect and Mite Pests in Corn
  • CR-7193 Management of Insect Pests in Rangeland and Pasture
  • CR-7197 Management of Insect and Mite Pests in Sunflowers
  • T-4153 Understanding Long-Term Care
  • T-4227 Paying for College
  • CR-2141 Fall Forage Production and Date of First Hollow Stem in Winter Cheat Varieties During the 2015-2016 Crop Year

Condolences to: Gary Strickland, Extension Educator, Agriculture/4-H Youth Development, and CED, Jackson County, on the death of his wife. Lynne Jackson passed away June 29. Funeral services took place July 1 in Frederick, Oklahoma. Donations may be made to the Oklahoma 4-H Foundation-Jackson County in memory of Lynne for a scholarship fund at 205 4-H Youth Development Building, Stillwater, OK  74078. Cards may be sent to Gary at 15347 S. County Rd., #203, Blair, OK  73526.


OSU Pair Recognized: Two DASNR faculty members recently were honored for their hard work and dedication at the Western Agricultural Economics Association Annual Meeting which took place in Victoria, British Columbia. Damona Doye was presented the Extension Career Award and Shannon Ferrell received the Outstanding Extension Program Award for the Wind Energy Leasing Education Program. Congratulations!



    Ashley Gutierrez, Extension Educator, 4-H Youth Development, Texas County, effective 6-27-16

    Title Changes/Transfers

    None to report


    None to report


    Family and Consumer Sciences

    None at this time

    4-H Youth Development

    None at this time


    Extension Educator, Agriculture/4-H Youth Development, Blaine County

    Extension Educator, Agriculture/4-H Youth Development, Grady County

    Extension Educator, Agriculture/4-H Youth Development, Jefferson County

    Extension Educator, Agriculture/4-H Youth Development, Major County

    Extension Educator, Agriculture/4-H Youth Development, Ottawa County

    Extension Educator, Agriculture/4-H Youth Development, Texas County

    Extension Educator, Agriculture/4-H Youth Development, Washita County

    Area Positions

    Area Extension Agronomy Specialist, Southeast District, (Ada)

    Area Agricultural Economics Specialist, Southwest District, (Duncan)

    Extension Business Development Coordinator (2 positions), Location TBD

    Internal Applicants Only

    Extension Educator, 4-H Youth Development, Washington County


    July 16: 4-H State .22 Rifle/Pistol Contest (Arcadia)
    July 19-21: OSU Animal Science Big 3 Field Days (Stillwater)
    July 22: Sooner State Dairy Judging Contest (Stillwater)
    July 27-29: 95th State 4-H Roundup (Stillwater)
    August 2: Winter Canola School (Lahoma)
    August 4: Women in Agriculture and Small Business Conference (Oklahoma City)
    August 9: Yoga for Kids In-service (Stillwater)
    August 10: Southeast District 4-H In-service (TBD)
    August 11: Northwest Oklahoma Beef Conference (Enid)
    August 13: 4-H State Muzzleloader Contest (TBD)
    August 23: CNEP Training – Adult (Stillwater)
    September 14: Oklahoma State Fair Indoor Exhibits Judging Day (Oklahoma City)
    September 16: Advanced Techniques: A Lined Jacket (Part 1) (Stillwater)
    September 24: State 4-H Judging Contest (TBD)
    September 26: Oklahoma State Fair 4-H Indoor Exhibit Release Day (Oklahoma City)
    September 27: Tulsa State Fair 4-H Indoor Exhibit Judging (Tulsa)
















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