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Volume 15, Number 13
June 26, 2015


Vacant County Extension Educator Positions:  Effective July 1, 2015, applications will be open to internal applicants only (current County Extension Educators) for 60 days.  If a suitable applicant is not found within 60 days, applications will then be open to external applicants.  As stated in the section of the guidelines reproduced below, the two-year rule will be waived if it is deemed to be in the best interest of OCES to do so.

Section VIII, E.3, pages 33-34, of the OCES Procedure Guide: Field Operations states the following with regard to internal transfers:

“Transfer to another position will be granted only after one has served at least two years in their current position.  Exceptions may be made when it is clearly shown that the transfer is in the best interest of the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service.  Internal County Extension Educator applicants who are successful in applying for and receiving a County Extension Educator position in another county should do so under the premise that such a move is a lateral transfer. There is no implied promotion or salary adjustment affixed.  The Associate Director and respective District Extension Director may determine that it is in the interest of OCES that a particular vacancy be filled with an experienced Extension Educator with a specified set of skills.  Under that determination, a one-time stipend may be approved by the Associate Director as an incentive to internal applicants.  An Educator receiving such a stipend would be eligible for a similar inducement to transfer after five years. Moving expenses may be negotiated by the transferring Educator with the District Extension Director.  The guidelines for arrangements and payment of such expenses may be found elsewhere in this guideline manual.”  (Guidelines for moving expenses may be found under Section VI., J, page 18.)


Smart Irrigation Month Seminar Slated: Oklahoma has received record amounts of rain this year; however, smart irrigation is great information for everyone to have. July is Smart Irrigation Month and OSU/OKC is hosting a seminar to help educate the public about smart irrigation. Slated July 16 from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m., in Oklahoma City at the Agriculture Technologies Center, 900 N. Portland Ave., room 196, the seminar will feature guest speaker Robert Reaves from the Oklahoma Irrigation Association. Reaves will demonstrate the proper use and benefits of water conservation technology, as well as talk about soil moisture sensors, climate-based irrigation controllers, mist reduction irrigation nozzles and rain/freeze sensors. These devices save water by helping users determine how much irrigation is necessary to keep lawns alive while conserving water and being smart about irrigation. The seminar is free and open to the public; however, registration is required.Lunch will be provided. Participants may register by contacting Joshua Campbell at joshua.campbell@okstate.edu or calling 405-297-3477.

Winter Canola Conferences: Southern Plains producers who are interested in learning how to maximize canola crop productivity one of two regional Winter Canola Conferences taking place in July. Slated July 14 in Enid, Oklahoma, and July 15 in Vernon, Texas, the meetings will focus on variety and hybrid performance, no-till stand establishment and winter survival, soil fertility and nutrient uptake, and canola seed handling and storage. Each of the two free conference will take place from 8:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., and includes conference materials, refreshments, and lunch. For more information, please contact Josh Bushong at 405-744-9600, or via email at josh.bushong@okstate.edu.

Oklahoma Irrigation Conference in August: The 2nd Oklahoma Irrigation Conference will take place Aug. 18 at the Caddo Kiowa Technology Center in Fort Cobb, from 9:30 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. Topics on the agenda include irrigation scheduling, cotton irrigation requirement, managing salinity, variable rate irritation, sensor-based technologies, and more. Presenters at the conference will include specialists from OSU Cooperative Extension, as well as Extension specialists from Texas A&M and Kansas State University. Attendees may earn five CEUs for Soil and Water and one CEU for Crop Production. Registration is $15 per person. For more information, please call 405-247-3376, or visit http://oces.okstate.edu/caddo/oklahoma-irrigation-conference


New Address: the Alfalfa County OSU Extension Office has a new location. This also will serve as the mailing address. The new address is 602 W. 5th St., Suite 2, Cherokee, OK  73728. Telephone and fax numbers remained the same.

New/Updated Publications on PODS: There are a number of new and updated publications available on the Print on Demand System at http://osufacts.okstate.edu/docushare/dsweb/HomePage. New publications include:

  • NREM-2895 Problem Horticultural Plants
  • EPP-7091 Insect Vectors of Pierce’s Disease in Oklahoma Vineyards
  • MP-181 Oklahoma Quality Beef Network (OQBN) 2014 Summary
  • FAPC-194 Growing North American Indigenous Corn
  • FAPC-195 Findings from the Made in Oklahoma Coalition 2015 Consumer Perceptions Survey

Revised publications include:

  • HLA-6247 Establishing a Pecan Orchard
  • AGEC-592 Price Risk Management: What to Expect: Mechanical marketing Strategies
  • EPP-7086 Hessian Fly Management in Oklahoma Winter Wheat
  • EPP-7645 Nantucket Pine Tip Moth
  • AGEC-592 Price Risk Management: What to Expect: Mechanical Marketing Strategies
  • T-3507 Planning Food for Summer and Winter Storm Emergencies
  • AGEC-1017 Water Rate Structure: A Tool for Water Conservation in Oklahoma


    OAE4-HA Members Recognized: Members of the Oklahoma Association of Extension 4-H Agents met recently for the group’s annual state meeting. During the meeting the group took time to honor the achievements of its members. Award winners include:

    Communicator Awards

    Educational Piece- Liz Taylor, Grady County
    Exhibit: Daniel Neely, Okfuskee County
    Periodical Publication: Lexie Hayes, Comanche County
    Periodical Publication Team: Leslie Lewis and Alex Magee, Tulsa CountyPromotional Package Team: Kayla Swanson and Chelsea Jones, Washington County

    Specialty Awards

    County or Unit: Liz Taylor, Grady County
    4-H Promotion and Visibility: Lexie Hayes, Comanche County
    Diversity Award: Kayla Swanson, Washington County
    Educational Technology: Danielle Venable, Custer County
    Excellence in 4-H Club Support: Jessica Jantzen, Osage County
    Excellence in Team Work: Cheryl Newberry and SED FCS Skills Day Committee
    Excellence in Natural Resource Education: David Sorrell, Marshall County
    Excellence in Natural Resource Education Team: Kayla Swanson and Chelsea Jones, Washington County and Leslie Lewis and Alex Magge, Tulsa County
    Excellence in Teen Programming: Leslie Lewis, Tulsa County
    Excellence in Animal Science Programming: David Sorrell, Marshall County
    Excellence in Healthy Living Programming: KayLynn Johnson, Murray County
    Excellence in Healthy Living Programming Team: Sara West and David Sorrell, Marshall County

    Professional Development Awards

    Edna Sams Scholarship: Kayla Swanson, Washington County
    NAE4-HA Scholarship: Kayla Swanson, Washington County and Cheryl Newberry SED
    Dr. Joe Hughes Fellowship: Kayla Swanson, Washington County
    Stiles Memorial Scholarship: Kayla Swanson, Washington County
    1st Time Attendee Scholarship: Kayla Swanson, Washington County
    Berkman Scholarship for Research and Evaluation: Kayla Swanson, Washington County

    Service Awards

    Clover Award: Liz Taylor, Grady County
    Achievement in Service Award: Leslie Lewis, Tulsa County
    Meritorious Service Award: David Sorrell, Marshall County



        None to report

        Title Changes/Transfers

        Haley Rosson, Extension Educator, Agriculture/4-H Youth Development, and Interim CED, Logan County, effective 7-1-15 (was: Extension Educator, Agriculture/4-H Youth Development)


        Chelsea Pryor, Extension Educator, 4-H Youth Development, Payne County, effective 6-22-15
        Jeff Bedwell, Northwest Area Assistant Extension Agronomy Specialist, effective 7-6-15
        Chris Rice, Southeast Area Agronomy Specialist, effective 7-10-15 (retirement)


        Family and Consumer Sciences

        Extension Educator, Family and Consumer Sciences/4-H Youth Development, McCurtain County
        Extension Educator, Family and Consumer Sciences/4-H Youth Development, Mayes County
        Extension Educator, Family and Consumer Sciences/4-H Youth Development, Nowata County

        4-H Youth Development

        Extension Educator, 4-H Youth Development, Comanche County
        Extension Educator, 4-H Youth Development, Payne County
        Extension Educator, 4-H Youth Development, Texas County (3/4 time)


        Extension Educator, Horticulture, 4-H Youth Development, Oklahoma County


        Extension Educator, Agriculture/4-H Youth Development, Comanche County
        Extension Educator, Agriculture/4-H Youth Development, Cotton County
        Area Agriculture Economics Specialist, Southwest District


        June 27: 4-H Parent/Volunteer Conference (Stillwater)
        June 28: FACS Ed Academy (Stillwater)
        July 7: 4-H Leisure Lab (Stillwater)
        July 8: Monthly Home Energy Update (Adobe Connect)
        July 9: CSC Livestock Judging Camp #2 (Warner)
        July 9: Healthy Home Solutions Grab’n Go Toolkit: Lesson 7 Lead in Your Home (Adobe Connect)
        July 10: Fillable Forms in Acrobat (Adobe Connect)
        July 12-14: OHCE State Meeting (Norman)
        July 14: Agricultural Economics – Current Issues
        July 14-16: OSU Big 3 Field Days (Stillwater)
        July 14: Winter Canola Conference (Enid)
        July 15: Winter Canola Conference (Vernon, Texas)
        July 16: Smart Irrigation Seminar (Oklahoma City)
        July 16: July Horticulture Update (Adobe Connect)
        July 22-24: 94th State 4-H Roundup (Stillwater)
        August 4: Southeast District 4-H In-service (TBA)
        August 5: Cotton 101 – Cotton Production and Management (Altus)

















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