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Volume 15, Number 6
March 20, 2015


OSU Campus Welcomes 4-H’ers for Roundup: Plans are underway for the 94th State 4-H Roundup slated July 22-24. There is an optional County Night Out July 21. The 4-H State Council has chosen the theme "Building Your 4-H Legacy" and materials are being posted to the State 4-H website here as they are available. Plans will be finalized by the first week in May. Registration is due in Ag Conferences by June 19.
     Housing will be in Kerr Drummond and the suites.  There are a couple of things that need to be highlighted again this year:

  • Only 400 persons will be housed in the suites. Assignment to the suites will be made as complete county registration materials are submitted. 
  • Reservations for County Night Out must be included with Roundup registration.

     The cost for Roundup will be $113 for Kerr Drummond and $130 for the Suites. County Night Out is $21 for Kerr Drummond and $29.50 for the suites. Watch for updates on the state 4-H website or contact Tracy Beck at 405-744-8891.

Organic Oklahoma Conference a Big Hit: The Organic Oklahoma Conference 2015, jointly planned by OSU/OKC, OCES, NRCS, and others, was a real hit. The threat of snow did not keep people away from the second Organic OK Conference held at OSU/OKC Feb. 27. More than 90 people showed up to hear Ray Archuleta, NRCS Soil Scientist from North Carolina, speak about the value of organic matter in the soil and ways to increase that organic content. His demonstrations and the interactive nature of his presentation made the morning fly by. Other sessions, many taught by Extension educators, included Pest Management for Organic Producers and Programs Available through NRCS, among others.  Although the second day of the conference had to be cancelled due to snow and ice, participants left talking about what an informative day it had been and how they were looking forward to future conferences. 

New/Updated Publications on PODS: There are a number of new publications available on the Print on Demand System at http://osufacts.okstate.edu/docushare/dsweb/HomePage. New publications include: 

    • FAPC-191 Algal Biomass Production
    • FAPC-192 Photobioreactor Design for Algal Biomass Production
    • FAPC-193 Downstream Processing of Algal Cultures
    • L-453 What is the Difference Between Weather and Climate



    Chelsea Pryor, Extension Educator, 4-H Youth Development, Payne County, effective 1-27-15

    Brent Ladd, Extension Assistant, Agricultural Economics, effective 3-9-15

    Title Changes/Transfers

    None to report


    None to report


    March 24: Northeast District OHCE Meeting (Miami)
    March 25: Native Pecan Management (Perkins)
    March 26: Northwest District OHCE Meeting (Fairview)
    March 26: Southeast District 4-H Public Speaking Contest (McAlester)
    March 26: Oklahoma Peanut Expo (Lone Wolf)
    March 27-28: 4-H Zoo Snooze (Oklahoma City)
    March 28: Oklahoma 4-H State Hunting and Wildlife Contest (Canton)
    March 31: Southwest District OHCE Meeting (Chickasha)
    April 2: Fair Judging 101 (Guthrie)
    April 6: Entomology Plant Pathology In-service West (Clinton)
    April 7: Southeast District Invitational Livestock Judging Contest (Tishomingo)
    April 7: 4-H Day at the Capitol (Oklahoma City)
    April 8: Entomology Plant Pathology In-service East (McAlester)
    April 8: Area Coordinator Training Meeting (Oklahoma City)
    April 10: Eastern Oklahoma Beef Cattle Summit (McAlester)
    April 10: Oklahoma Association of Fairs and Festivals Annual Convention (TBA)
    April 10: Scheduling for Success with Outlook 2013 (Adobe Connect)
    April 11: State 4-H Junior and Intermediate Outdoor Archery Contest (Stillwater)
    April 13: 4-H for Century III – A Model for Oklahoma 4-H Program (TBA)
    April 14: Northeast District Ag In-service (Keystone State Park)
    April 16: Divorce, Remarriage, and Step-family Formation (TBA)
    April 16: 2015 4-H Curriculum In-service (TBA)
    April 17: OCES Internship Orientation (TBA)
    April 18: 4-H Horse Judging Contest (Stillwater)
    April 22: Update on FCS Programming (Oklahoma City)
    April 22: Annual OEAFCS Meeting (Oklahoma City)
    April 23: Southeast District Land Judging Contest (Choctaw County)
    April 28: 4-H for Century III – A Model for Oklahoma 4-H Program (TBA)















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