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Vol. 9 – No. 4
February 20, 2009

Current Events

Oklahoma Gardening Gears up for 34th Season: Be sure to tune in tomorrow, Feb. 21, for the first show of the new season of Oklahoma Gardening. This season will feature fruit and vegetable production in the home garden, managing vegetable crops organically, space-saving ideas for small gardens, and incorporating flowers and herbs into the garden for beauty, as well as natural pest control. Other highlights will include local food sources such as farmers markets, the Oklahoma Food-Coop, Community Supported Agriculture, and Farm to School. The Oklahoma Botanical Garden’s 13 affiliate gardens across the state also will be featured throughout the season. Oklahoma Gardening airs at 11 a.m. on Saturdays and at 3:30 p.m. on Sundays on local OETA stations.

Bugs Come Out Feb. 23: Oklahoma State University, in conjunction with the Southwestern Branch Entomological Society of American, will present “Insect Expo” on Feb. 23. The event is geared toward 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders who will take part in an activity-oriented learning experience. Students will see interactive exhibits and demonstrations, as well as have the opportunity to hold a variety of live insects. The Insect Expo will take place at the Wes Watkins Center from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.


Oklahoma 4-H Receives $30,000 Grant: The 4-H SET Leadership at National 4-H Headquarters and the partnership of National 4-H Council and the Coca-Cola Foundation is pleased to announce that Oklahoma is one of two states to receive funding for the 2009 Coca-Cola 4-H2O: Replenish Project. 4-H2O: Replenish leverages the expertise and partnerships of two CSREES departments - 4-H Youth Development and the National Water Program - at both the national and local levels. By partnering with experts in these fields, the project will protect and conserve freshwater resources while strengthening the science literacy of America’s youth. This grant aligns with the priorities set forth by the National 4-H SET Leadership Team and will provide support to advance each state’s 4-H SET plans. The State 4-H Office will partner with eight counties across the state on this effort.

Revised Publication Now Available: The revised version of “E-918: Major Horticultural and Household Insects of Oklahoma” is now available. The new version has color images, updated information, and a few new insects. This highly popular publication is used widely in Master Gardener training and other extension workshops.  Due to the cost of color printing, the price has increased slightly to $17 per copy.  Please contact University Mailing Services at 405-744-5385 to place your orders.


Grubb Honored: Sherman Grubb III, Creek County Extension Educator, Agriculture/4-H Youth Development, and CED, recently received a Volunteer of the Year award at the Oklahoma Fairs and Festivals Association annual meeting for his 23 years of service to the Tulsa State Fair. Congratulations Sherman!

OSU Bull Wins at Denver: Oklahoma State University consigned the grand champion bull at the 2009 National Western Livestock Show at Denver recently. The bull, Orion 8102, first topped the early winter calf division. OSU also showed the reserve grand champion pen of three bulls.

 OCES Honors Employees: Several individuals and teams/groups were honored recently by the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service. Honorees include:

  • Sue Gray – 2009 OCES Distinguished Educator
  • LaDell Emmons – OCES Outstanding Faculty and Field Staff Program Contribution Award
  • Dennis Martin, Doug Montgomery, Craig Evans, and Lonnie Cargill  – OCES Best Program Award (Roadside Vegetation Management Program)
  • Master Cattleman Team – OCES Best Group Award



Lindsay D. Ensley, Educator, Family and Consumer Sciences/4-H Youth Development, McCurtain County, effective 2-2-09

Penny R. King, Extension Educator, Family and Consumer Sciences/4-H Youth Development, Sequoyah County, effective 2-3-09

Title Changes

None to report


Carl L. Venable, Extension Educator, 4-H Youth Development and Interim CED, Grady County, effective 2-28-09

Rebecca J. Anderson, Extension Educator, 4-H Youth Development, Custer County, effective 3-2-09


February 23: Insect Expo (Stillwater)

February 25: Nutrition Principles Core: Minerals (Centra)

February 25-26: Addressing Solid Waste Challenges, SWANA (Catoosa)

February 26: Office Ergonomic (Stillwater)

March 3: Designed for Success (Stillwater)

March 4: Nutrition Principles Cord: Water (Centra)

March 10: Southeast District OHCE Annual Meeting (Stigler)

March 10: Agricultural Economics – Current Issues (Centra)

March 11: Train the Trainer Tractor and Farm Machinery Certification Program (McAlester)

March 11: Nutrition Principles Core: Nutrients Working Together for Support Body Functions (Centra)

March 12: Crop Production Clinic (Goodwell)

March 13-23: Oklahoma Youth Expo (Oklahoma City)

March 18: Nutrition Basics: Toddlers and Preschoolers (Centra)

March 18: Is My Business Ready for E-Commerce? (Centra)

March 18-21: Kansas City Global Conference (Kansas City, MO)

March 19: Northwest District OHCE Meeting (Guymon)

March 21: 4-H WHEP Training (Stillwater)

March 24: Southwest District OHCE Meeting (Elk City)

March 25: Nutrition Principles Core: Foods and Nutrients Working Together In Health Promotion (Centra)

March 27-28: Oklahoma Science Museum Jr. Lock-In (Oklahoma City)

March 27-28: Farm Transitions Conference (Alva)

March 31: Northeast District OHCE Meeting (Bartlesville)

April 17-22: The Woodward Lesser-Prairie Chicken Festival (Woodward)

April 24-25: Farm Transitions Conference (Alva)


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