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Vol. 8 – No. 15
July 25, 2008


Deadline Approaching for Fall Semester Fee Waivers: Fee waivers for the 2008 Fall Semester should be submitted to 139 Ag Hall no later than August 8, five working days prior to the first day of class on August 18. The Study and Education Form should accompany the fee waiver and be signed by your County Ext. Director, District Ext. Director, Department Head, and/or appropriate Unit Administrator and then forwarded to 139 Ag Hall for processing. Please allow plenty of time to get these forms in by the deadline.  If you miss the deadline, the fee waiver WILL NOT be honored, no exceptions. No letters of explanation will be accepted.  If you are a full-time faculty or staff member taking classes, you may request a partial fee waiver.  The form is available for download from the Office of the Registrar’s website, http://www.okstate.edu/registrar/FormsOnline/FSFeeWaiverForm.pdf.  

     Please use your campus-wide identification number instead of your social security number.

     You can also pick up a blank form from the Office of the Registrar, 322 Student Union.

     NOTE: The Educational Leave Requests are now available on-line at the Staff Development intranet site http://intranet.okstate.edu/staff_development/.

     Also, as a reminder – Distance Education Courses do have additional fees and in-service training does not require a fee waiver form.  If you have questions, please contact your immediate supervisor as they may have additional information regarding the policy on Fee Waiver and Study and Education Request Forms.

     If your class is cancelled, you decide to drop your class, or if you change your study and education form, call 405-744-9711 so that your records can be updated.  Also, check your Bursar invoice to make sure you received the fee waiver.  You should contact the Fee Adjustment Office at 405-744-6866 if you have questions.


OAEAA Members Recognized at Meeting: The Oklahoma Association of Extension Agriculture Agents held its AM/PIC July 1-3 at Elk City.  The following members were recognized during the meeting:

 Distinguished Service Award:  Mick Jones and Gary Strickland

Achievement Award:  David Sparks

Friend of Extension Award:  Lance and Sheri Shenold, Caddo County

Hall of Fame:  Wayne Shearhart

Outstanding Young Agent:  Brian Freking

Search for Excellence – Applied Research Poster:  Bob LeValley

Search for Excellence – Sustainable Agriculture:  David Nowlin

Search for Excellence – Remote Sensing and Precision Agric.:  Jeremiah Butler

Search for Excellence – Livestock Production:  Meat Goat Boot Camp

            J.J. Jones                   Dave Sparks

            Justin McDaniel        Chris Rice

            Brian Freking Jack Wallace

Communications Award – Book:  Meat Goat Production Manual

            J.J. Jones                   Brian Freking

            Aubie Keesee            Justin McDaniel

            Marty Montague       Gene Parker

            Brian Pugh                  Chris Rice

            Justin Rogers             Tom Smith

            Dave Sparks              Harold Stephens

            Jack Wallace

Communications Award – Slides, Transparencies or Computer Graphics:  J.J. Jones

 In addition to the various awards presentation, officers and directors were elected for the 2008-09 year.

President:  Nathan Anderson

President-Elect:  Al Sutherland

Vice President:  J.J. Jones

Secretary/Treasurer:  Mike Weber

Secretary/Treasurer-Elect:  Randy Burris

Northeast District Directors:  Sherman Grubb and Gage Milliman

Northwest District Directors:  Kourtney Coats and Jeff Bedwell

Southeast District Directors: Casey Russell and Aubie Keesee

Southwest District Directors:  Michael Pettijohn and Lawrence Tomah

State Specialists Director:  Doug McKinney

Educators Attend National Meeting: Twenty-five OSU Extension Educators and 17 family members attended the 2008 Annual Meeting and Professional Improvement Conference of the National Association of County Extension Agents Association in Greensboro, NC, July 13-17, 2008. Several members from Oklahoma were recognized, including:

  • Phil Pratt was elected NACAA President-Elect.
  • Dirk Webb served as Southern Region Director and is beginning his second year of his term.
  • Mick Jones and Gary Strickland received Distinguished Service Awards.
  • David Nowlin, Nathan Anderson, and Mike Weber were the voting delegates from Oklahoma.
  • JJ Jones gave a Search For Excellence in Livestock presentation titled “Oklahoma Meat Goat Boot Camp.”
  • Jeremiah Butler won a National Award in the Search For Excellence in Remote Sensing and Precision Agriculture category.
  • Bob LeValley won 3rd place in the National Poster Contest.
  • All educators assisted with a Hospitality Room to campaign for Phil Pratt as President-Elect.
  • Attending Educators were busy shadowing North Carolina Committee Chairs to learn more about their assignments when they will be hosting the national meeting in 2010 in Tulsa.
  • Attending Educators who served on National Committees were:
    • Ron Vick: Ag Economics and Community Development
    • Brian Jervis: Horticulture and Turfgrass
    • JJ Jones: Professional Excellence

Educators attending the national meeting were:

·        Nathan Anderson

·        Jeremiah Butler

·        Kent Barnes         

·        Kourtney Coats

·        Will Cubbage        

·        Stan Fimple          

·        Brian Jervis           

·        JJ Jones                

·        Mick Jones           

·        Bob LeValley       

·        Doug Maxey         

·        Justin McDaniel

·        David Nowlin       

·        Scott Price            

·        Phil Pratt               

·        Jim Rhodes           

·        Vernon Scogin

·        Ryan Sproul          

·        Gary Strickland

·        Al Sutherland        

·        Dirk Webb           

·        Chad Webb          

·        Mike Weber         

·        Bob Woods          

·        Ron Vick              



Robert S. Frazier, Assistant Professor, Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering, effective 6-23-08

David W. Shideler, Assistant Professor, Agricultural Economics, effective 8-15-08

Title Changes

J. Wes Lee, Extension Educator, Agriculture/4-H Youth Development, McClain County, effective 8-15-08 (was in:  Murray County)


None to report


July 23-27: National WHEP Contest (Stillwater)

July 30-August 1: 87th State 4-H Roundup (Stillwater)

August 6: Northwest District 4-H In-Service Training (Woodward)

August 12: 4-H Volunteer Competencies Unit 1, 2, 3 (Stillwater)

August 29: Wheatland Stocker Conference (Enid)

September 10: Oklahoma State Fair Entry and Judging Day (Oklahoma City)

September 11-21: Oklahoma State Fair (Oklahoma City)

September 22: Oklahoma State Fair Exhibit Release Day (Oklahoma City)

September 23: The Wilderness of Grief, Finding Your Way (Tonkawa)

September 23: Tulsa State Fair Exhibit Entries and Judging Day (Tulsa)

September 24: “Living in the Shadows of the Ghosts” of Grief – Recognizing Symptoms of “Carried Grief” and Creating Interventions to Support “Catch Up” Mourning (Tonkawa)

September 25-October 5: Tulsa State Fair (Tulsa)

September 27: 4-H Football Game Day (Stillwater)

October 2-5: Southern Region Volunteer Forum (Rock Eagle, Ga.)

October 4: 4-H Centennial Road Trip (TBD by District)

October 5: Tulsa State Fair Exhibit Release Day (Tulsa)

October 9: 4-H Century III in-Service Training (Oklahoma City)

October 10: CE-FCS Ambassadors Awards Luncheon (Oklahoma City)

October 10: 4-H Club Management Systems In-Service (Oklahoma City)

October 14-15: Enhancing the Adoption of Organic Gardening (Oklahoma City)

October 15-17: Northwest District 4-H Leadership Conference (TBA)

October 15-17: Southwest District 4-H Youth in Action Conference (Oklahoma City)

October 15-17: Northeast District Youth in Action Conference (Gore)

October 22-23: OCES Secretaries Conference (Stillwater)

October 27-29: Southeast District Conference (TBA)

October 30: Southwest District 4-H In-Service (Lawton)

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