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Vol. 6 – No. 13
June 30, 2006


Career Ladder Process Continues:  The rungs of the Career Ladder continue to be climbed and we are nearing the top!  The Peer Review Committee for the Career Ladder spent the week of June 12th to the 16th reviewing approximately 120 portfolios.  Fourteen people served on this committee.  They were as follows:  Nathan Anderson, Joe Benton, Keith Boevers, Dixie Ferrell, Cathy James, Janna Kelley, Tracy Lane, Melanie Lynes-Matt, Susan Murray, David Nowlin, Randy Pirtle, Kristy Spalding, Gary Strickland, and Lani Vasconcellos.

In addition,  Joyce Martin spent considerable time the week before the committee arrived preparing for the Committee's week-long effort.  She kept the Committee well stocked with snacks during the day and various forms of caffeine, eye drops, etc.  Joyce even found ways to fill their requests for Reese’s peanut butter ice cream and cherry cheese cake.  In addition, I enjoyed having the group over to my house for dinner on Wednesday evening of that week.

I would like to say a “big thank you” to the entire committee and to Joyce for a hard job that was well done!  For most, if not all of the Committee, evaluating their peers was a new role and not necessarily a comfortable role, but from my observation, it was a role they took very seriously.  The Committee was able to finish their job by Friday noon and hence felt they had adequate time to do the job well, but I know they spent several long days to assure that every portfolio was carefully reviewed.   

We are currently in the next phase of the portfolio review process, which is review by the District Directors.  I expect the District Directors to finish their reviews of the portfolios by July 7th.  I will then review the portfolios myself.  During my review, I will call for some assistance from the Assistant Directors.  I expect to complete my reviews by the end of the month.  At that time, you will receive a letter from me indicating the outcome of the process.  Your portfolio and copies of all comments and recommendations made during the review process will be returned to you.  While I have not yet reviewed the set of portfolios, let me say that when they are all stacked together they are an impressive amount of material.  Likewise, the committee spoke very highly of the effort put into their preparation. 

The timing of the process outlined above will allow pay action forms reflecting the outcome of the review to be completed in early August.  The pay action forms will make all salary adjustments retroactive to July 1.  Hence, individuals receiving salary adjustments should see the adjustment in their August paycheck and will receive a special additional check that makes the same adjustment retroactive to July 1. 

The Career Ladder salary adjustments will of course be above and beyond the annual salary adjustments being made on July 1.  As I write this we are in the process of implementing the salary program which will become effective July 1.  Since the program is not finalized, I will not comment on its particulars, however, I can not resist enhancing your curiosity a bit by saying that I hope and think you will be pleased with “special considerations” being made by DASNR for clerical staff and Educators. 



Summer Fun Night Planned: Canadian County Healthy Families Program has a Summer Fun night planned for the entire family on Friday, June 30 from 7:00 – 8:00 p.m. at the El Reno Legion Park Pond. It includes duck feeding, bubble blowing and light snacks. This event is free.  For more information call the Canadian County Extension Office at 405-262-0155.

Horticultural Therapy: Enhancing Lives with Plants: Will take place July 11 in the Food and Agricultural Products Center on the OSU campus. Pre-registration is due by June 30. The workshop fee is $55. A discounted rate of $40 is available to Oklahoma Botanical Garden and Arboretum members, Extension Educators and Master Gardeners. Students may attend for $35 with a copy of their student ID. Registration is $80 after June 30. The workshop will begin at 8:30 a.m.

Southwest Cattle Conference: This year’s conference will take place August 24 from 8:45 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. at Lawton’s Great Plains Technology Center in the Worley Seminar Room. Pre-register before August 15. For registration information, e-mail Bob LeValley, OCES Area Livestock Specialist, at bob.levalley@okstate.edu or call at 580-255-0546.

Master Cattleman Summit Slated:  August 10 – 11 is the date for the OSU Master Cattleman Summit. The summit will take place on the OSU Campus and participation will be limited to the first 180 current or past participants in the Master Cattleman program. Registration is $15 per person. Registration information must be received by OSU Ag Conference Services no later than July 21. For more information about the conference, contact David Lalman or Glenn Selk at 405-744-6060.


Good News

Staff Sgt. Joshua D. Huckeby, son of Lani Vasconcellos, SE District FCS Program Specialist, recently returned from a one-year volunteer assignment in Afghanistan where he received the Bronze Star for his role as operational and training advisor to the Afghan National Army (ANA).  His Bronze Star citation states that “…He and his ANA counterparts were engaged with enemy small arms fire.  As a result of their training and SSG Huckeby’s guidance, the enemy was successfully repulsed and the missions were conducted without friendly casualties...”   Huckeby participated in more than 40 combat missions in numerous areas of the country with his ANA Company.

Gale Mills, Family and Consumer Sciences Educator, Washington County, was installed as President of the Bartlesville Toastmasters Club 186. She has just completed her role as Vice President of Membership/Public Relations for the past year and was instrumental in assisting nine members in joining/returning to the club through news releases and other PR efforts. This effort recognized the Bartlesville club as a Select Distinguished club.  This designation had not been achieved since 1993. She also attended officer training with her new officers achieving recognition for all being present.  Toastmasters is a volunteer organization that promotes leadership and improving communication skills.  Gale has found this organization to be most beneficial in helping her feel more comfortable when presenting  programming in the Family and Consumer Sciences area.





Kevin P. Allen, Assistant Professor, Forestry, effective 7-24-06

Justin L. Talley, Assistant Professor, Entomology & Plant Pathology, effective 8-1-06

Title Changes

Kim B. Anderson, Professor/Charles A. Breedlove Professorship in Agribusiness, Agricultural Economics, effective 8-1-06 (was Professor)

Gary L. Sherrer, Assistant Vice President for External Affairs, Vice President, Dean, and Director's Office, effective 7-1-06 (was: Special Assistant to the Vice President, Dean, & Director)

David M. Henneberry, Professor/Director of International Programs in Agriculture, Vice President, Dean, and Director's Office, effective 7-1-06 (was: Professor/Assistant Dean)

Steven M. Stone, Assistant Vice President & Sr. Financial Officer, Vice President, Dean, and Director's Office, effective 7-1-06 (was: Director, Fiscal Affairs)

Robert L. Westerman, Assistant Vice President for Program Support, Vice President, Dean, andDirector's Office, effective 7-1-06  (was:  Professor/Assistant Director, OAES)


Kandace I. Dunn, Extension Educator, FCS/4-H, Greer County, effective 5-22-06

Roger D. Shelton, Assistant Extension Specialist, Ag Economics, effective 7-14-06

Amy M. Brown, Extension Educator, FCS/4-H, McClain County, effective 8-1-06



July 9-11: OHCE State Meeting (Oklahoma City)

July 12-14: OAEAA Annual Meeting and Professional Development Conference (Wagoner)

July 13: Southeast District FCS In-Service (McAlester)

July 18: OSU Animal Science Field Days -- Beef Field Day (Stillwater)

July 19: OSU Animal Science Field Days -- Sheep Field Day (Stillwater)

July 20: OSU Animal Science Field Days -- Swine Field Day (Stillwater)

July 21: 4-H Work in Progress Conference (Stillwater)

July 22: State Leadership Development Conference (Stillwater)

July 25-27: OSU Youth Livestock Judging Camp (Stillwater)

July 26-28: OAE4-HA Annual Conference (Enid)

July 26-30: Southern Regional 4-H Horse Championships (Raleigh, NC)

August 2: 4-H In-Service Educational Offerings Proposal – Northwest District (TBA)

August 2: Teen Action and Growth – T.A.G.  You’re It In-Service – Northwest District (TBA)

August 2: “Building Leaders for Tomorrow” – Northwest District (TBA)

August 9: 4-H In-Service Educational Offerings Proposal – Southeast (TBA)

August 9: Teen Action and Growth – T.A.G.  You’re It In-Service – Southeast District (Beavers Bend)

August 9: “Building Leaders for Tomorrow” Southeast District (Beavers Bend)

August 9-10: Southeast District In-Service (Beavers Bend)

August 10: 4-H In-Service Educational Offerings Proposal – Southwest (TBA)

August 10: Teen Action and Growth – T.A.G.  You’re It In-Service – Southwest District (TBA)

August 10: “Building Leaders for Tomorrow” – Southwest District (TBA)

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