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Vol. 5 – No. 16
August 26, 2005


Career Ladder Plan Under Development: Efforts are underway to develop a “Career Ladder” for county educators and area and district specialists. Our goal is to have the program ready for presentation at the state wide Extension Conference on January 24-26, 2006. This plan will have an immediate impact for those of you who qualify for above entry level “steps” in this ladder. Specifically the plan will mean that you will see a salary increase (in addition to the October program) some time in the middle of next year. 

 The details of the plan are being developed by the following committee:  Brad Bain, Joe Benton, Keith Boevers, Amy Brown, Cindy Conner, Sue Gray, Mark Gregory, Cathy James, Sandy Lackey, Jan Maples, David Nowlin, Virginia Stanley, Lani Vasconcellos, and Tony Yates.

 While the details of this plan are still evolving, I can give you a brief, general description of what I expect the Career Ladder plan will look like. The plan is envisioned to have four levels referred to as Level I, Level II, Level III, and Distinguished Educator. Advancement/promotion to each level will carry a permanent increase in salary. The magnitude of that increase is yet to be determined. In other state career ladders (all states in the southern region now have career ladders or are implementing them), the salary increases range from $1,000 to $4,000. The larger increases are typically associated with promotion to the higher levels. Advancement to each higher level generally requires a time period of about 5 years “in rank.” Educational requirements for Level II vary among states but generally require at least progress toward an M.S. degree in a field related to your job. Level III requirements almost always require an M.S. degree. Minimum levels of annual appraisal performance evaluations are also often a requirement. In addition, specific performance criteria expectations for each level are a part of all career ladders. Hence, promotion is not “automatic” with the completion of time and education level requirements. As resources, the committee is reviewing plans from Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Texas

 Again, our goal is to present the plan to you at the Extension Conference in January, 2006, and to begin implementing the plan soon after that. Thus, those qualifying for Level II and Level III rankings (we likely will not immediately consider the rank of Distinguished Educator) can expect a salary adjustment some time around the summer of 2006. We envision the qualification process to be one where individuals will apply for the level they feel they are qualified for (once they have seen the criteria). A review of these applications will then be conducted by a panel of peers and/or administrators.  The details of this process are still under development.

                                                                                                                                Jim Trapp


FAPC to Host Media Day: The Food and Agricultural Products Center is hosting a Media Day, “Making Headlines: Media Meets FAPC 2005,” on September 27. The event will take place in 201 FAPC from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. The goal is to get as many media to attend this event to learn about the FAPC and visit with center faculty, staff, students, and clients about story ideas. Invitations have been sent to Oklahoma newspapers, radio stations, and television stations, however, county Extension personnel are encouraged to personally invite their local media and make arrangements with them to travel to the FAPC Media Day together. Vince Orza, former television news anchor and president of Eateries, Inc., will moderate the day’s events. Speakers include Tommy Kramer of the Durant Industrial Authority and Francie Tolle of the Oklahoma Department of Agritourism.  For more information about the FAPC Media Day or to register for the event, visit www.fapc.biz, or contact Mandy Gross, FAPC Communications Specialist, by calling 405-744-0442 or sending an e-mail to mandy.gross@okstate.edu.  The registration deadline is September 9.

 Horse Owner’s Symposium: The Third Annual Oklahoma State University Horse Owner’s Symposium will take place September 10 from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. in the auditorium of McElroy Hall on the OSU campus. A pre-registration fee of $30 is due by September 1. For more information, contact the College of Veterinary Medicine, Office of Outreach, at 405-744-7672.


New Resource Available on OSUExtra: A new circular, E-982, A Resource Guide for Beginning Farmers in Oklahoma, has been posted to OSUExtra. Type in osuextra.com in the toolbar of your browser to get to the OSUExtra site. It is in the Farm Management and Agribusiness areas of both the Departmental and Topical sections. This circular was developed as a guide to help beginning farmers understand the necessary steps towards achieving the dream of having their own farm.

 Contracts Renewed for Healthy Family Programs: Contracts have been renewed for the Healthy Families programs in Canadian, Delaware, and Texas counties. Funding for the programs are state appropriations through the Oklahoma State Department of Health, Child Abuse Prevention Fund. Fiscal Year 2006 contracts for the three sites totals $313,161. The Healthy Families programs provide family support, parent education, and child development information through home-based and center-based group services. Also, Texas County will be providing a Parents as Teachers program through a subcontract with the Guymon Public Schools and a consortium of six other public school districts. A $21,000 grant from the Oklahoma State Department of Education was awarded to provide the program.

 Structural Workshop Successful: The OSU Pesticide Safety Education Program was host to a one day structural workshop for BASF’s national sales team and technical directors. Participants were actively involved in learning liquid termiticide treatment methods and techniques, as well as calculations. BASF representatives also listened to research and extension project updates and information on Oklahoma pesticide laws and rules. The workshop was held at the Pinkston Education Facility for Structural and Urban Pest Control. Hosts from OSU were Brad Kard, Associate Professor and Urban Entomologist; Kevin Shelton, Extension Coordinator; Jim Criswell, Professor and Extension Pesticide Coordinator; and Charles Luper, Extension Associate.





Eric T. Stafne, Assistant Professor, Horticulture and Landscape Architecture, effective 8-15-05

Title Changes/Transfers

None to report


Jennifer Adsit, Communications Specialist, Agricultural Communication Services, effective 8-17-05


September 1: Basic Extension Teaching Methods (Oklahoma City)

September 3: 4-H Day at the Cowboy Football Game (Stillwater)

September 13-16: Oklahoma Homebuyers Education (Oklahoma City)

September 15-25: Oklahoma State Fair (Oklahoma City)

September 21: Southeast District CED Meeting (TBA)

September 24: NAEFCS Annual Meeting (Pennsylvania)

September 26: 4-H Release Day at the Oklahoma State Fair (Oklahoma City)

September 27: 4-H Judging Day at the Tulsa State Fair (Tulsa)

September 29-October 9: Tulsa State Fair (Tulsa)

October 5: FEWB Basic CORE Training: Module 2 – Risk Management, Saving, and Investing (Weatherford)

October 6: FEWB Basic CORE Training: Module 2 – Risk Management, Saving, and Investing (Okmulgee)

October 6-9: Southern Region Volunteer Leader Forum (Eatonton, Georgia)

October 10: 4-H Release Day – Tulsa State Fair (Tulsa)

October 12: OHCE Leadership Training (McAlester)

October 14: FCS Ambassadors Annual Meeting (Oklahoma City)

October 18: OHCE Leadership Training (Clinton)

October 19: Southeast District CED Meeting (TBA)

October 21: Southwest District 4-H Youth Action Conference (Oklahoma City)

October 24: Southern Region Water Quality Conference (Lexington, Kentucky)

October 24: Farm Management Tools and Program In-Service (Oklahoma City)

October 26: Farm Management Tools and Program In-Service (Oklahoma City)



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