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Vol. 4 – No. 22
November 5, 2004


NAE4-HA Meeting a Big Success: I attended several events during this week's National Association of Extension 4-H Agents convention in Oklahoma City.  What an impressive meeting!  Our colleagues from around the nation were overwhelmed with the wonderful hospitality and excellent organization.  I want to express my deep appreciation to all of the "orange clad" OCES staff and volunteers who worked so hard for several years to prepare for this event and then pulled it off so well.  This was another wonderful week for OCES and Oklahoma!!!!

                                                                                                                                                     D. C. Coston


Cucurbit Production and Marketing Educational Meeting: The 2004 Oklahoma Cucurbit Production and Marketing Educational Meeting will take place December 9 at the Grady County Fairgrounds in Chickasha. The meeting will address issues of benefit to commercial growers, home gardeners, and Extension Educators alike.  Among guest speakers are Dr. Charles Marr, Vegetable Specialist, Kansas State University, who will discuss pumpkin production and pest management in Kansas.  Chris Kirby, Urban Harvest Director of the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma will discuss new opportunities for produce marketing in Oklahoma.  Mark Arney, Director of the National Watermelon Promotion Board will provide an update of watermelon promotion and latest information on benefits of this Oklahoma tradition.  Additional topics to be addressed include cucurbit pest and disease management, production of specialty melons, health benefits of cucurbits and new developments in Oklahoma Mesonet weather resources for vegetable producers. To receive a brochure with additional meeting details, call 580-889-7343.  A brochure also can be obtained by sending an email request to jshrefler-okstate@lane-ag.org . Meeting information will soon be posted at www.lane-ag.org.


‘OKey’ Accounts are Up and Running: Several months ago you were asked to activate your "OKey" account with information and an activation code provided to you on a yellow card.  At that time you selected an e-mail address that resembled firstname.lastname@okstate.edu.  The e-mail routing system has now been configured so that email sent to this new address can be forwarded to your current e-mail address.  You may begin giving firstname.lastname@okstate.edu as your e-mail address, and your user@okstate.edu address will continue to work until further notice. This does not require any changes to the way you send and receive e-mail. You are encouraged to test this by sending yourself an e-mail to firstname.lastname@okstate.edu prior to announcing this change.  If you have questions about this process, or if you need to find out what your first.last e-mail address is, contact Nancy Michael at 405-744-4390, nancy.michael@okstate.edu, or nancym@okstate.edu.

 State Travel Rates: State travel reimbursement rates for Oklahoma lodging have changed, effective October 1, to $60, $64, and $66/night, depending on the city.  Mileage is still the same at 37 & 1/2 cents per mile. Please begin using these rates immediately for travel relating to October and later.


New Course Offered: The Department of Agricultural Education, Communications, and 4-H Youth Development will be offering AGED 6200, County Extension Program Development, in spring 2005.  Dr. James Rutledge, adjunct professor, will be the instructor. It will meet Thursdays, 4:30-8:20 p.m. in 225 Ag Hall throughout the semester. Topics to be covered include methods of developing county Extension programs, uses of committees, step-by-step procedures, coordinated county and state plans, and characteristics of effective programs. For more information, contact the department at 405-744-8036.

 Brown Bag Discussion Slated: The CASNR Committee on Effective Teaching would like to invite all interested faculty and graduate students to attend a Brown Bag Teaching Discussion at 11:30 a.m. on Tuesday, November 23 in 102 Agricultural Hall. Mike Shuttic, Student Disability Services, will discuss "Classroom Instruction to Accommodate Students with Disabilities." This topic was identified as a topic of interest at a recent CASNR Teaching Effectiveness Workshop. Instructors often face challenges relative to accommodating students with special needs. In his presentation, Shuttic will discuss services available, student needs, instructor responsibilities, and necessary classroom accommodations.

 Transfer Days: Transfer Days for the 2005 spring semester will take place November 18 and 19 (November 18th is the first day transfer students will be eligible to enroll for Spring 2005 classes).  Academic Programs will send a reminder to our two-year school contacts to encourage students to enroll during these early dates. 

 Ag Legislative Internship Applications Now Available: Applications for the 2005 Agriculture Legislative Internship are now being solicited. Interested students should submit applications to 136 Agricultural Hall no later than noon on Friday, November 12. Finalists will be interviewed. The intern will be selected by the first week of December. Application forms and additional information are available on the CASNR Web site at http://dasnr.okstate.edu/casnr/NewCASNR/home.htm, or in 136 Agricultural Hall. Please help to identify qualified students for this opportunity.




Jeremy S. Pilgreen, Applications Engineer, Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering, effective 10-25-04

Donna J. Patterson, Administrative Associate, Cooperative Extension, Family and Consumer Sciences, effective 10-26-04

 Paula J. Post, Extension Educator, Family and Consumer Sciences/4-H Youth Development, Kingfisher County, effective 11-10-04

David L. Adams, Extension Educator, Urban 4-H, Muskogee County, effective 11-15-04

 Stephanie D. McSparrin, Extension Educator, Family and Consumer Sciences/4-H Youth Development, Noble County, effective 11-15-04

Title Changes/Transfers

Brian C. Pugh, Extension Educator, Agriculture/4-H Youth Development and Interim CED, Haskell County, effective 11-1-04  (was: Extension Educator, Agriculture/4-H Youth Development)

 Robert L. Woods, Area Extension Agronomy Specialist, Northeast District, effective 11-1-04 (was: Area

Extension Agronomy Specialist and Interim CED, Haskell County)


Elizabeth P. Bays, Coordinator, Pittsburg County, effective 10-29-04

 Kenneth L. Hitch, Assistant Extension Specialist, Forestry, effective 10-31-04


November 6-11: Future Farms 2004: Digging Deeper (Oklahoma City)

November 10: Understanding Wheat Quality: Oklahoma Clients (Stillwater)

November 13: National 4-H Congress Orientation (Oklahoma City)

November 15-16: OSU Farm and Business Tax Institute (Elk City)

November 16: Oklahoma Volunteer Management System Update and Introduction of Oklahoma Club Management System In-Service (Oklahoma City)

November 16: Understanding Wheat Quality: Oklahoma Clients (Oklahoma City)

November 17: Southeast District CED Meeting (TBA)

November 17: Weather Decision Support Tools (McAlester)

November 18: Weather Decision Support Tools (Stillwater)

November 18: OSU Farm and Business Tax Institute (Stillwater)

November 19: Weather Decision Support Tools (Weatherford)

November 22-23: OSU Farm and Business Tax Institute (McAlester)

November 26-30: National 4-H Congress (Atlanta, GA)

November 29: OSU Farm and Business Tax Institute (Duncan)

December 1: Pesticide Web Sites (Stillwater)

December 2: 4-H and FCS In-Service Training (Oklahoma City)

December 2-3: OSU Farm and Business Tax Institute (Enid)

December 6-7: OSU Farm and Business Tax Institute (Oklahoma City)

December 7-8: Healthy Communities 101 (Norman)

December 8: 2002 Farm Bill Update and Oklahoma Agricultural/Rural Outlook (Stillwater)

December 9: Cucurbit Vegetable Production and Marketing (Chickasha)

December 9-10: OSU Farm and Business Tax Institute (Oklahoma City)

December 13-14: OSU Farm and Business Tax Institute (Tulsa)

December 15: Southeast District CED Meeting (TBA)

December 16-17: OSU Farm and Business Tax Institute (Tulsa)

December 21: 4-H Volunteer Core Competencies – Units 1,2,3 In-Service (Stillwater)

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