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Vol. 2 – No. 21
October 20, 2002

Current Events

Listening Session Update With 20 county listening sessions under our collective belt, it’s time for a summary of the process thus far.  To date, the participation has averaged about 30 community leaders and citizens per meeting.  Recent and ongoing activities include:

  • Jami Longacre has been working with our communications group to get the county reports formatted, printed, and distributed back to your counties for distribution.  The first 10 are about ready for release.  County reports will be posted on the web site at www.dasnr.okstate.edu/oces/ocls.
  • For those of you who have to change meeting dates, we have had some difficulty notifying individuals who intend to come.  Please make sure you follow up with all individuals with whom you’ve made a personal contact and those you know intend to attend.  Lynette Nelson has prepared a personal letter that I will send to every state senator and representative when changed dates occur for counties within their districts. 
  • Later this week each county will receive an e-mail attachment from the associate director’s office containing a NEW version of the PowerPoint presentation to be used at the listening sessions to introduce the subject and agenda for the evening.  You may want to add additional information as you deem necessary.  Just make sure you cover all the points included in the prepared presentation.

New Link Added to OCLS Website:  Within the week, you will find a new link titled “Calendar Changes” added to the OCLS website.  This link will provide a quick overview so individuals can see at a glance any changes that may have recently occurred.  Only the listening sessions that have had a change in date, time, or location will appear on this link.  All changes will be reflected on the OCLS Master Calendar as well at www.dasnr.okstate.edu/oces/ocls

Everything You Want to Know About Trees: The Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture, together with the Oklahoma Botanical Garden and Arboretum, is hosting a workshop that will focus on the care of trees. “Tree Care Issues” is scheduled for November 15 at the OBGA Educational Building west of Stillwater. The workshop is geared toward arborists, nursery professionals, urban foresters, landscape managers, landscape architects, master gardeners, and advanced hobbyists. For more information, contact Stephanie Larimer at 405-744-5404, or email at steph@okstate.edu.



Your Input is Needed: Extension News has been a regular publication for more than a year. We would like to get some feedback from both campus and county-based faculty and staff regarding how this publication is meeting your needs. Are there news items that you would like to see here that are not currently being included? If so, what are they? We have received a lot of positive response regarding Extension News; however, if there are things that can be done to improve it, we want to know about it. Please forward your comments to me at dfoster@okstate.edu. Please cc your comments to Trisha Gedon at wizofoz@okstate.edu

USDA Awards Grant: The United States Department of Agriculture has awarded Sarah Kimball, Assistant Extension Specialist, and Gerald Doeksen, Regents Professor and Extension Economist, a $74,000 grant to do solid waste technical assistance and training in rural areas for the 2002-2003 fiscal year. The project is called “Protecting Families, Communities, and Tribal Lands: Providing Solid Waste Infrastructure in Oklahoma Rural Communities and Indian Country.” The grant provides for four workshops, the development of educational fact sheets and other materials, feasibility studies, and maintaining a solid waste web site.

Newsletter Online: The next quarterly issue of the OSU Stored Product Management Newsletter is now online at http://ipm.okstate.edu/ipm/stored_products/sprec/newsletter.htm. This issue focuses on Fumigation Management Plans and includes a completed example for a grain handling facility. People who are interested can download a template for developing a Fumigation Management Plan. Anyone who would like to be on the mailing list and receive a hard copy of this newsletter may contact Pat Bolin at 405-744-9420, or email at bolinp@okstate.edu.

Special Thoughts to: The family of Carol Laverty, Harper County Extension Educator, Family and Consumer Sciences/4-H Youth Development, on the death of their daughter-in-law, Ronica “Roni” Laverty. She passed away September 24, shortly after giving birth to a son, Cutter Lee Laverty. Funeral services were held September 28 at the Fairview Methodist Church southwest of Laverne. Cutter Lee weighed eight pounds, 13 ounces, and was 20 1/4 inches long. He is at home with his dad, Sheldon Laverty, and big sister, Jaci. 

Condolences to: Jan Maples, Okfuskee County Extension Educator, Family and Consumer Sciences/4-H Youth Development, on the death of her brother, Brian Bentley. He passed away September 30. Funeral services were held October 4 at Crews Funeral Home in Apache.  

Condolences to: James Leising, Head, Department of Agricultural Education, Communications, and 4-H Youth Development, on the death of his wife, Linda. She passed away October 9. Funeral services were held October 14 at Trinity Lutheran Church, Arapaho, Nebraska. A memorial service was held October 17 at Zion Lutheran Church in Stillwater. Memorials may be made to Zion Lutheran Church Building Fund, Lutheran World Relief-Project Comfort, Judith Karman Hospice, or the American Cancer Society.

College Corner

College Corner is a new feature of Extension News. On a regular basis, news from within the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources (CASNR) will be posted here. The news will cover a variety of topics pertaining to CASNR.

Computer Lab Update: Two of the three new computer labs, although not in their final design, are now operational. Room 126 in the Animal Science Building is equipped with 26 new computers. Classes and open access hours are now being scheduled. Ag Hall 005 is up and running with new computers, but the new tables and the layout are not yet complete. The renovation stage of Ag Hall 226 is nearing completion. New floors, air conditioning, workstations, and computers should be installed soon. When AGH 226 is complete, some shifting of classes will take place in order to complete the outfitting of AGH 005 and ANSI 126. For more information, contact Ed Miller or Linda Martin at 405-744-5395.

Personnel Actions


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Coming Events

October 17: Northwest District CED Meeting (Woodward)

October 18: Shooting Sports Training (TBA)

October 21: Cleveland County Listening Session (Norman)

October 21: Mayes County Listening Session (Pryor)

October 21: Pushmataha County Listening Session (Antlers)

October 21: Northwest District Performance Appraisal Training (Enid)

October 22: Beckham County Listening Session (Sayre)

October 22: Canadian County Listening Session (El Reno)

October 22: Coal County Listening Session (Tupelo)

October 22: Craig County Listening Session (Vinita)

October 22: Nowata County Listening Session (Nowata)

October 22: Pushmataha County Listening Session (2nd meeting) (TBA)

October 22: Washita County Listening Session (Cordell)

October 22: Oklahoma Greenhouse Growers Fall Seminar (Stillwater)

October 22: Financial Literacy for Youth (Weatherford)

October 22: Integrating Livestock and Wildlife Management on Oklahoma Ranches (Stillwater)

October 23:  CE-FCS Ambassadors Annual Meeting (Oklahoma City)

October 23: Nutrition for NEAs (Cordell)

October 23: Osage County Listening Session (Pawhuska)

October 23: Woodward County Listening Session (Woodward)

October 24: Food Policy/Food and Nutrition (Oklahoma City)

October 24: Northeast District Volunteer Core Competency Training, Unit 3 (Muskogee)

October 24: Pottawatomie County Listening Session (Shawnee)

October 24: Roger Mills County Listening Session (Cheyenne)

October 25: Northwest District Performance Appraisal Training (Woodward)

October 26: Northwest District Invitational 4-H Trap Shoot (Enid)

October 27-31: NAE4HA Conference (Norfolk, Virginia)

October 28: Choctaw County Listening Session (Hugo)

October 28: Kiowa County Listening Session (Hobart)

October 29-30: OCES Secretary Training (Stillwater)

October 29: Pesticide Applicator Certification and Training Update (TBA)

October 29: 4-H Judging Rangeland for Livestock and Wildlife Values (Stillwater)

October 29: Beaver County Listening Session (Beaver)

October 29: Carter County Listening Session (Ardmore)

October 29: Ellis County Listening Session (Arnett)

October 29: Muskogee County Listening Session (Muskogee)

October 30: Oklahoma Forage Grazing Council (El Reno)


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