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Vol. 2 – No. 17
August 23, 2002

Current Events

Oklahoma Community Listening Session Training: I would like to THANK each of you for your participation in our training sessions this past week. I trust you now have a better understanding of what we expect to accomplish by holding these listening sessions throughout the state of Oklahoma, and can see the benefits you will reap as an Extension professional. Your time, dedication, and concentrated efforts to this project will not go unnoticed. I know you are working to set the schedule for the listening session(s) in your county, and I encourage you to work with your District Director to finalize these dates and locations as quickly as possible. We need to finalize the schedule soon in order to prepare the Master Calendar that will be posted on the web site and shared with interested agencies, organizations, and the public.

Information regarding the Oklahoma Community Listening Sessions may be found at http://www.dasnr.okstate.edu/oces/ocls . A link has been added to the OCES web page.

Again, thank you for your commitment to making the Oklahoma Community Listening Sessions a successful first step in our effort to better serve the needs of communities throughout the state.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Plants: Commercial growers, plant retailers, and horticultural enthusiasts will have the opportunity to learn about cutting-edge information during the multi-state Oklahoma State University Ornamental Materials Conference slated September 25-26 at the Holiday Inn in Stillwater. Participants will learn about the use of both woody and herbaceous plant materials for Oklahoma and surrounding states. A tour of the Oklahoma Gardening television studio gardens also is on the agenda. Registration is $85 per person if postmarked by September 15, $100 per person thereafter. Oklahoma Botanical Garden and Arboretum members and Extension Educators may register for $60. For more information contact Stephanie Larimer at 405-744-5404, or via email at steph@okstate.edu .


Show Your 4-H Pride: The Oklahoma 4-H Program is proud to introduce the new Oklahoma 4-H license plate! These new specialty car tags are now available to the public. Order forms are available at http://agweb.okstate.edu/fourh/4hfound02/4-HTAGPR.PDF . Spread the word to your local 4-H members, parents, and volunteers. In no time, you will see many supporters showing their 4-H pride on the road everyday. Contact David Sorrell at (405) 744-5394 for more details.

4-H Core Competencies Evaluations Due: Starting September 2, county staff should begin online recording the 6-month evaluations for Unit 1 Core Competencies.
In the July 12th issue of Extension News, staff were encouraged to complete a paper copy of the evaluations to assist in recording data electronically. Some of you submitted a paper copy of the February evaluations, which have since been returned to you by your District 4-H Program Specialist. Data must be entered for the following evaluations by September 20th:
* February 1, 2002 6-month Evaluation of Unit 1 Core Competencies Use and County Extension Educator's
* February 1, 2002 Observations of Recognizable Changes in Competency Levels
* August 1, 2002 6-month Evaluation of Unit 1 Core Competencies Use and County Extension Educator's
* August 1, 2002 Observations of Recognizable Changes in Competency Levels
* August 1, 2002 My 4-H Volunteer Functions and Competencies End of Year Evaluation (For volunteer use only. *)

* Counties will be responsible for submitting the data for each volunteer evaluation collected. For example: if 15 volunteers completed the “My 4-H Volunteer Functions and Competencies End of Year Evaluation” there will be 15 entries.
To submit data go to www.clover.okstate.edu/fourh . Click on “Staff”/4-H Volunteer Core Competencies/Evaluation/Reports. Be sure to select the correct date for the report being submitted.
Please do not hesitate to call your District Program Specialist or Karla Knoepfli if you need assistance. Examples of completed forms can be found at www.clover.okstate.edu/fourh .

Selection Procedure Has Changed for State 4-H Officers: The procedure for applying and selecting 4-H state officer candidates has changed. Any 4-H member interested in serving as a state officer will now make application. Each applicant, parent/guardian of the applicant, and county Extension educator of the applicant, is expected to read and sign a 2003 Application and Commitment Form for State 4-H Officer Candidates. The form is due on or before October 16th to your District Program Specialist. The form is available on line at 4-H Opportunities/State and District Office/Application http://agweb.okstate.edu/fourh/4hopp02/state_District_office.htm . There will be no primaries or speeches for state candidates at District Conferences in October.

Applicants may file for up to two offices for which they feel qualified. All applicants will have the opportunity to participate in a workshop and interview session in Okfuskee County (December 14) or Custer County (November 16). For more information, contact Charles Cox or Karla Knoepfli at the State 4-H Office.

It’s Fair Time Again: Once again, the Caring for Planet Earth and Insect Zoo will serve as the Extension Booth at the Tulsa State Fair. We need everyone’s help to keep this popular exhibit staffed throughout the 11-day fair. A schedule of available time slots is available on the following web sites:
http://bioen.okstate.edu/waterquality (click on "click here to view schedule" under the Caring for Planet Earth logo)
http://www.clover.okstate.edu/fourh (click on Caring for Planet Earth schedule under the "fair" picture)
http://agweb.okstate.edu/fourh/4hstate_fair_info/forms_and_facts.htm (scroll down and click on "schedule" under the Caring for Planet Earth logo)

The schedule is updated daily. Please select a time and sign up today! Your cooperation and assistance is appreciated!

Personnel Actions


Frances A. Jackson, Extension Educator, FCS/Special Projects, Jefferson County, effective 8-12-02


None to report


None to report

Coming Events

August 29: Improving Fertilizer-N Management and Potential Farmer Profit Using N-Rich Field Strips (Stillwater)

August 31: 4-H Dog Show (Nowata)

September 9-10: Homebuyer Education Training and Certification (Oklahoma City)

September 10: Extension Administrative Group Meeting (Stillwater)

September 10-14: Kay County Free Fair (Blackwell)

September 11: 4-H Exhibit Entry and Judging Day; Oklahoma State Fair (Oklahoma City)

September 11: Microsoft Excel Training (Enid)

September 12: Microsoft Excel Training (Woodward)

September 13-29: Oklahoma State Fair (Oklahoma City)

September 14: Oklahoma State Fair 4-H Judging Contests (Oklahoma City)

September 18: Southeast District CED Meeting (TBA)

September 19: Northeast District CED Meeting (Muskogee)

September 20: Northeast District Area Specialists Agents Meeting (Muskogee)

September 24: 4-H Exhibit Entry and Judging Day; Tulsa State Fair (Tulsa)

September 25-26: Multi-State Plant Materials Conference (Stillwater)

September 27-October 6: Tulsa State Fair (Tulsa)

September 30: Oklahoma State Fair Exhibit Pickup Day (Oklahoma City)

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