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Vol. 1 - No. 6

September 14, 2001

Current Events

4-H Program Reaches Out: In light of the tragic events in New York City and Washington, D.C., Extension staff, 4-H members, and their families want to help in some way. On an individual basis, many of you have given blood and donated supplies. However, we know that Oklahoma 4-H, as an organization, must do something.

The American Red Cross is the organization that is always there in times of disaster. Currently they are asking for a variety of supplies, but the one thing they will ultimately need more than anything, is money. As a symbolic gesture, we are asking each 4-H family and 4-H alumni to contribute $4, $1 for each H. At no time in America’s history do the four H’s have greater meaning. Our world needs "clearer thinking," "greater loyalty," "larger service," and "better living."

The Oklahoma 4-H Foundation, with the help of County Extension Offices and 4-H Volunteers, will collect the money and make an appropriate presentation to the American Red Cross. All money collected will be presented to the American Red Cross.

In addition, 4-H members may want to write thank you letters to their local law enforcement agencies and fire and rescue personnel for keeping all of us safe. Also, some fire departments across the state are collecting teddy bears to send to New York City and Washington, D.C.

Field Day: Oklahoma State University, along with the Oklahoma Soybean Association, is hosting the Annual Soybean Field Day on September 25 at the OSU Eastern Research Station. The event will take place from 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Tour stops will include the soybean breeding program, soybean management tests, weed control tests, and cultural practice tests.



Awards Presented at Fall Faculty Meeting: Ron Noyes, Professor/Extension Agricultural Engineering, was presented with the Sarkeys Distinguished Professor Award. Noyes has been part of the OSU family since 1985. He has provided significant service to DASNR, OSU, and the State of Oklahoma throughout his career. The Sarkeys Award is presented annually for outstanding contributions to agriculture through teaching, research, or extension efforts.

Sam Fuhlendorf, Assistant Professor, Plant and Soil Sciences, was presented with the James A. Whatley Award for Meritorious Research in Agriculture. He joined the OSU faculty in July 1997. The Whatley Award was initiated in 1982 to honor contributions of agricultural scientists who are in the early years of their careers. His research has focused on grazing and restoration of prairie soils.

Jim Criswell, Professor, Entomology and Plant Pathology, was recognized as the recipient of the OCES Outstanding State Specialist Award for Extension Pesticide Education.

Rodney Holcomb, Assistant Professor, Agricultural Economics, and Robert LeValley, Southwest District Livestock Specialist, were presented the OCES Outstanding Team Award for their work with the "Value Added Wheat Program," which went on to win the USDA PLOW Award, the highest honor given by the Secretary of the United States Department of Agriculture. Only six of these awards were given nation wide this year, and of these six awards, Holcomb and LeValley were the only representatives of the Cooperative Extension Service to be recognized. This award was for their leadership in helping the Alva community start a pre-proofed frozen bread dough plant.

A second USDA Secretary’s Honor Award was presented to Gerald Doeksen, Regents Professor, Fred Eilrich, Assistant Extension Specialist, Jack Frye, Area Extension Rural Development Specialist, Mick Jones, CED and Extension Educator, Lincoln County, Chuck Willoughby, Business Planning and Marketing Associate, FAPC, and Mike Woods, Extension Rural Development Specialist, for assistance given to the community of Stroud following the May 1999 tornado.

Award Winning Publication: The National Association of Extension 4-H Agents recognized the Perspective, the official publication of the Oklahoma Association of Extension 4-H Agents, as the

2001 National Communicator Award winner and the 2001 Southern Region Communicator Award winner for state association publications. The Perspective provides timely information to OAE4-HA members by focusing on a specific topic in each issue. Character education, volunteerism, and impact teams have been addressed. Becky Walker, Extension Educator, 4-H Youth Development, Special Projects, and Karla Knoepfli, Assistant Extension Specialist, Volunteer and Leadership Development, serve as editors of the publication. The association will present the award in October at the 2001 NAE4-HA Conference in Bismarck, North Dakota.

New Web Site: A new educational web site called Biotech-Adventure is now available. It is located at http://biotech-adventure.okstate.edu. This is an educational web site designed to present factual information

regarding biotechnology in a way that will entertain and hold the interest of students and adults. Educational illustrations and animations are provided in a format that can be downloaded by teachers and other educators for use in their curriculum.

Faculty members who are involved in this project include Meridith Hamilton, Assistant Professor, Zoology; Rod Geisert, Professor, Animal Science; Jonathan Shaver, Assistant Professor, Plant and Soil Sciences; Ronald Van Den Bussche, Assistant Professor, Zoology; Jerry Malayer, Associate Professor, Physiological Sciences, brings together a unique group of scientists to develop materials for teaching biotechnology. Ms. Mary Lou Sheffer, School of Journalism and Broadcasting, worked with undergraduates in video development, which allowed the production of accurate and entertaining films depicting real applications of biotechnology today.

The combination of these has resulted in a world class, one-of-a-kind web site that will provide the accurate educational materials, for which OSU is known, with entertaining characters and animation that helps the students relate to the subject.

New Listserv: A new electronic mailing list (listserv) has been established for Extension professionals who work with school-age programs. The creation of the list is part of the Extension Cares Initiative (ECI). The list will allow communication among Extension professionals across the country. To subscribe, send an email message to listserv@listserv.okstate.edu. In the body of the email type: Subscribe eci-schoolageprogram-L Lynda Harriman (subscribers should insert their own name in place of Lynda Harriman). The listserve is designed to serve the needs of professionals within OCES. Contact Lynda Harriman at lch@okstate.edu or by phone at 405-744-6280 for more information.

Successful Conferences: The Wheatland Stocker Conferences were held in August. More than 200 cattlemen attended the two conferences. Greg Highfill sends a big thank you to everyone who helped make the programs possible.

It’s A Girl: Doug and Stacia Enns are the proud parents of Carly Alexandra. Carly was born August 29. She weighed 8 pounds, 9 ounces, and was 20 inches long. Doug is the Applications Engineer in the Southeast District.


Personnel Actions:


LaDonna S. Dunlop, Extension Educator, Special Projects, Northwest District, housed in Logan County Extension Office, as of 8-31-01.


Recia F. Garcia, NW District FCS Program Specialist, NW District Office, as of 9-1-01. (was Extension Educator, FCS/4-H, Woodward County)


Coming Events

September 14-30: Oklahoma State Fair (Oklahoma City)

September 25: Tulsa State Fair 4-H Entry and Judging Day (Tulsa)

September 25: OSU and Oklahoma Soybean Association Annual Soybean Field Day (Haskell)

September 25: Specialty Cut Flower Workshop (Stillwater)

September 27-October 7: Tulsa State Fair (Tulsa)

September 27: Fatherhood: Staying Involved in Children’s Lives (Oklahoma City)

September 27: Coping With Divorce (Oklahoma City)

September 30-October 4: NEAFCS Meeting (Portland, Oregon)

October 1: 4-H exhibits released at Oklahoma State Fair (Oklahoma City)

October 8: 4-H exhibits released at Tulsa State Fair (Tulsa)

October 8: Oklahoma 4-H Clover Classic Golf Tournament (Stillwater)

October 15: In-Service-Nutrition Basic for New County Extension Educators (Oklahoma City)

October 16: In-Service-Food Safety for Seniors (Enid)

October 16: In-Service-"This is 4-H" 4-H Volunteer Core Competency Training (Oklahoma City)

October 16: Oklahoma Quality Beef Network Preconditioned Calf Sale (Apache)

October 16-17: Multi-State Ornamental Plant Materials Conference (Stillwater)

October 18: OBI Fall Bull Sale (Stillwater)

October 20: State 4-H Trap and Skeet Shoot (El Reno)

October 22-25: NAE4-HA Conference (Bismarck, ND)

October 22-24: AGEXPO (Oklahoma City)

October 25: In-Service-National Extension Initiative: Extension Cares! School Age Youth (Oklahoma City or Stillwater)

October 26-27: State 4-H Shooting Sports Training (Duncan)

October 28-31: Southern Region Extension Water Quality Conference (Gulf Shores, Alabama)

October 31: In-Service-Quicken for Youth Entrepreneurs and 4-H Projects Financial Records (Chickasha)


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