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Vol. 10 – No. 16
August 13, 2010


Current Events

Payne County to Officer One-Day QuickBooks Course: The Payne County OSU Extension office will offer a one-day QuickBooks course Aug. 31 from 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at the Payne County Administration Building. The course will be taught by Damona Doye, Extension Farm Management Specialist and is an introduction to QuickBooks application in agri-business using a flower-growing business. This hands-on workshop will show how the company is set up, discuss strategies for setting up the chart of accounts, show how to enter basic transactions, and demonstrate a variety of reports that can be created.  The course is open to Extension personnel and the public. A registration fee of $15 will cover lunch and materials and registration deadline is Aug. 27. For more information contact the Payne County Extension Office at 405-747-8320, or e-mail Suzette Barta at suzette.barta@okstate.edu. The class is limited to the first 10 who register.


Small Population Counties Focus of Survey: Dr. Eileen St. Pierre (Personal Finance Specialist, PI) and Dr. Karina Shreffler (HDFS Dept. at OSU-Tulsa, co PI) will be conducting a survey on financial literacy, consumer debt usage, and financial pressures.  This survey is a part of research work being done on a project entitled “Consumer Debt Among Older Adults in Rural Oklahoma,” funded by the Donna Cadwalader Research and Development Grant from the Oklahoma Home and Community Education, Inc. Men and women aged 65 and older, living in counties with 2008 populations under 15,000, are eligible to participate. Participants will receive $20 to thank them for their time. The goal is to get 100 survey participants.
     Eligible counties are: Alfalfa, Atoka , Beaver, Blaine, Choctaw, Cimarron, Coal, Cotton, Dewey, Ellis, Grant, Greer, Harmon, Harper, Haskell, Hughes, Jefferson, Johnston, Kingfisher, Kiowa, Latimer, Love, Major, Marshall, Murray, Noble, Nowata, Okfuskee, Pushmataha, Roger Mills, Tillman, Washita and Woods.
     If you know of an event in any of the above counties where a large number of men and women age 65 and older are expected to attend during October 2010 through March 2011, please notify St. Pierre at eileen.stpierre@okstate.edu or 405 744-8072 so she can make arrangements to come out and administer the survey. A recruitment flyer and a sample news release will be available to help advertise the survey.

Community Nutrition Education Programs Announce Release of Training Package: A remake of CNEP’s most popular training package, The 24-Hour Food Recall: An Essential Tool in Nutrition Education (2nd Edition), keeps pace with emerging research and the changing needs of community nutrition education. The 24-Hour Food Recall is one of two evaluation tools used by EFNEP and some SNAP-Ed programs nationwide. Developed with the training needs of nutrition educators in mind, the hands-on activities and discussion topics are effective with all adult learners. Nicole Neilson, Comanche Unit Area Coordinator, and Brenda Sheik, CNEP Evaluator, will present a concurrent session showcasing the training package at NEAFCS in Portland, Maine in September.  View a clip of the video.  

CE-FCS Ambassadors to “Celebrate the Legacy” at Annual Meeting: More than $15,000 in grant funds to support FCS programming in Oklahoma will be awarded at the Ambassadors annual meeting on Oct. 15 in Oklahoma City.  To recognize the 20th anniversary of the founding of CE-FCS Ambassadors, the theme of the meeting will be “Celebrate the Legacy.” Charter members and past presidents will be recognized at the event.  Dr. Lynda Harriman, retired Assistant Director, OCES – Family and Consumer Sciences, will return to Oklahoma to provide the keynote address.  Donations to CE-FCS Ambassadors are always appreciated.   

Peek Gives Presentations at International Meeting: Gina Peek, Extension Housing and Consumer Specialist, gave two research presentations at the 2010 International Federation for Home Economics (IFHE) Council Meeting, Sligo Ireland. The first presentation was with Sharon Nickols, Ph.D., University of Georgia, and entitled “Home Food Preservation: New Perspectives on an Old Practice.” Although the United States is considered a land of abundance, food scarcity and concerns about food availability and quality have occurred periodically throughout the 20th century. Changing external environments foster household concerns about food security. Data from this study validate the human eco-system model as an important tool for the study of changing perspectives in changing environments.
     The second presentation was entitled “Better Citizens? The Relationship Between Homeownership and Political Voluntarism in the United States.” What is the relationship between homeownership and citizenship in the United States as measured by religious and political voluntarism? Prior empirical literature reveals modest to tenuous relationships between homeownership and religious and political voluntarism. The implication of this study is that individual community participation as measured by religious and political voluntarism is not stifled by tenure decisions. The assumption that U.S. homeowners are better  citizens resulting from increased religious and political voluntarism is unfounded.

Camp T.U.R.F. a Big Success: Twenty-two Oklahoma high school students spent two full weeks during the summer at OSU learning about careers in horticulture and landscaping while participating in Camp T.U.R.F. (Tomorrow’s Undergraduates Realizing the Future) The students spent time in many different settings, experiencing a multitude of activities. Some of the activities included making herbal container gardens at TLC in OKC, touring the Will Rogers Gardens, climbing trees, exploring the Bixby and Perkins Field Stations, learning about zoo horticulture at the Tulsa Zoo, filming a segment of Oklahoma Gardening, and hands-on pruning at the OSU Botanic Garden. Students also learned about the traditional uses of plants on a wild crafting walk in Coyle, cut their own cups into a golf green, grafted plants in the OSU teaching greenhouses, tried their hand at landscape design drawing, made flower arrangements, toured the OSU sports fields, assembled irrigation systems, and had a hands-on session at the OSU Insect Zoo. Shelley Mitchell, Extension Associate, 4-H Youth Development, said the camp was funded by the Oklahoma State Regents for High Education. The purpose of the camp was to give first-generation college students the confidence to attend college. Research shows that 50 percent of Oklahoma high school graduates attend college and 80 percent of summer academy attendees go on to college after high school. If anyone would like to be a part of a future Camp T.U.R.F, contact Mitchell at 405-744-5755, or e-mail at shelley.mitchell@okstate.edu.

College Corner

Graduate Student Competes: Mallory Vestal placed third at the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association Annual meetings in the AAEA Graduate Student Section Awards – Graduate Student Extension Competition in Denver, Co.

Harroun Wins Scholarship: Hailey Harroun, an animal science/agricultural communications double major, has been named the recipient of the Yamaha-ACT Scholarship. She now has the opportunity to serve as an intern for Yamaha during the 2010 Ag Media Summit.


Peel Earns Recognition:  Derrell Peel, Extension Economist/Livestock Marketing, received the Western Agricultural Economics Association Outstanding Extension Program Award for Career at the Annual Meetings in Denver July 26-28.



Melody Ennis, Extension Educator, Family and Consumer Sciences/4-H Youth Development, Okmulgee County, effective 06-14-1 

Casey Campbell, Extension Educator, Family and Consumer Sciences/4-H Youth Development, Oklahoma County, effective 06-30-10

Brenna Davis, Extension Educator, 4-H Youth Development, Caddo County, effective 06-30-10

Chris Hargis, Ext. Educator, Ag/4-H Youth Development, Cotton County, effective 07-26-10

Carrie Kile, Extension Educator, Family and Consumer Sciences/4-H Youth Development, Garvin County, effective 07-30-10


Title Changes/Transfers

Lindsey Hix, Extension Educator, 4-H Youth Development, transfer from Pottawatomie County to Bryan County, effective 08-02-10


Debra Duncan, Extension Educator, Family and Consumer Sciences/4-H Youth Development, Beckham County, effective 06-01-10

Andrea Williams, Extension Educator, Family and Consumer Sciences/4-H Youth Development, Roger Mills County, effective 06-30-10

Sonya Meier, Extension Educator, Family and Consumer Sciences/4-H Youth Development, Cleveland County, effective 07-30-10

Trena Medlock, Extension Educator, Family and Consumer Sciences/4-H Youth Development, Greer County, effective 08-06-10



August 17-18: Oklahoma Sustainable Agriculture Summit (TBD)

August 19: Quail Management (Stillwater)

September 10: Leading a Centra Session (Centra)

September 14: Current Issues in Agricultural Economics (Centra)

September 15: Oklahoma State Fair 4-H Entry and Judging Day (Oklahoma City)

September 18: Oklahoma State Fair 4-H Judging Contest Day (Oklahoma City)

September 28: Tulsa State Fair Judging Day (Tulsa)

September 30: Personal Estate Planning: Wills and Trusts (Centra)

October 6: Nutrition and Health Cord Training 1: Weight Management (Centra)

October 7: Oklahoma 4-H for Century III: A Model for the Oklahoma 4-H Program (Oklahoma City)

October 8: 4-H Volunteer Management System (Oklahoma City)

October 8: Choosing a Web Browser (Centra)

October 12: Growing Strong Families Impact Team In-Service (TBA)

October 12: Forest Restoration and Management for Cattle, Wildlife, and Wood Products (Clayton)

October 13: Nutrition and Health Core 2: Hypertension (Centra)

October 14: CPR/First Aid Recertification (Stillwater)

October 14: Forest Regeneration for Private Landowners (Idabel)

October 15: 20th Annual CE-FCS Ambassador’s Award Luncheon (Oklahoma City)

October 15-17: Northwest District 4-H Leadership Conference (Enid)

October 19: Food Preparation with Less Salt and Sodium (TBA)

October 20: Nutrition and Health Core Training 3: Heart Disease (Centra)

October 20-22: Southeast District 4-H Leadership Conference (Ada)

October 23: Northwest District 4-H Fall Invitational Trap Shoot (Enid)

October 26: CPT/First Aid (Stillwater)

October 27: Nutrition and Health Core Training 4: Diabetes (Centra)

October 27-28: OCES Secretary Conference (Stillwater)

October 29: FEWB Impact Team Fall In-Service (Chickasha)






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