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Extension Finance

OCES Travel:
Reimbursement procedures, reimbursement rates, travel forms and instructions and other related information 

Agency Accounts: 
Accounting Policy and Procedures for the Agency Bank Account and Quicken Manual for the Agency Account

Record of Soil, Forage & Water Samples
This is the new 'County Sample Log Sheet'.

Shipping Lab Sample to Campus   
     This is the new shipping procedure, effective 3/1/2019
UPS Shipments for Samples webinar, Feb 25, 2019
     login required; use OSU Email login information

County Contracts, Budgets, and Expenditures:  
Forms to use for county contracts, budgets and county expenditure reports

4H Gift Determination Form

County Routing Questionnaire Grant Proposals and Awards (updated January 2019)
    Guidelines for the Administration of County Grant Proposals and Awards (updated January 2019)

Leave and Time & Attendance forms
These excel forms can be used for record keeping.

Independent Contractor Form:  
This form is used to verify that an independent contractor relationship and not a employee-employer relationship exists.   This form must be completed before paying individuals to perform services.          20 Question Form

Purchasing Card (P-card):  
Transaction log for cardholders to use 

Purchase Request Form: 
This form is used by field staff to purchase items through the Extension Finance Office.  This form is for items that can not be purchased with the P-card.


Extension Finance Staff and Quick E-mail Links

Ginger Gripe    744-9697
Ginger is a consultant for the Extension Finance Office.

Susan Graham      744-5514
Melissa's responsibilities include financial reviews of field offices, inventory, and other field-related matters.

Jacki Hanan        744-9699
Jacki's responsibilities include federal deductions and benefits for extension employees with federal appointments.

Susan Noteware  744-5516
Susan's responsibilities include purchasing, and paying bills.

Susan McFee   744-9700     Linda O'Brien   744-5517
Susan and Linda are responsible for auditing travel vouchers and answering related questions.  


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