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Worker's Compensation Procedures

When an employee is injured, he or she must complete an Employee Injury Report, regardless if medical attention is required. Employee Injury Reports must be sent to Human Resources within a timely manner. If you have questions, please call (405)744-5524. 


Guide to Workers' Compensation procedures   

Employees Responsibilities When Injured

 Information on Workers' Compensation and Link to Employee Injury Report  

Transitional Duty Agreement - If employee has restrictions from the doctor, a light duty agreement must be completed. 
                                      See also: 60 Day Limit Transitional Duty 
 60 Day Limit Transitional Duty 

Weekly Maximum Rate

Worker's Compensation Policy 

Temporary Total Disability or Temporary Partial Disability Forms - if you are placed on Temporary Total or Temporary Partial Disability, you will need to complete the weekly spreadsheet showing hours worked, hours taken for worker's compensation, and hours missed for other reasons. The excel sheet should be completed and sent to Human Resources every Friday morning for the length of time you are out for worker's compensation.


  Please see note below regarding submission of Employee Injury Reports:

 ·         Ensure that departments/employees are accessing the most recent forms, spreadsheets, information sheets, etc… by always accessing these documents directly from: (we are seeing older forms used. We understand it’s easier to keep copies on hand, however, please access the form directly from the website per injury occurring to ensure consistency on forms).


 ·         Before submitting the EIR, please verify that all sections and pages of the EIR are complete (the employee has completed all of page 1, the supervisor has provided acceptable answers and surveyed the area the injury occurred for page 2, the employee sought treatment or signed off on no treatment for page 3, and page 4 is fully complete); many forms are coming in without signatures, information, dates, etc… If you see the supervisor has indicates a generic response (Example: “don’t know”, “don’t trip”, etc..) please ask them to clarify. An example of a reasonable response if nothing could have been prevented would be: “I surveyed the area where injury occurred, I do not see faulty equipment present or how the injury could have been prevented, other than the employee being more aware” this is what we are looking for opposed to “Don’t know, the employee tripped, don’t trip”.


 ·         I’ve been asked to express the urgency in timely submission of the forms. Not only are there penalties that the department will incur for late submission (up to $1,000), but if an area on campus needs to be fixed or looked at EHS needs to be made aware asap. The expectation is that a completed EIR form be returned within 5 days of injury occurring but ideally asap. If the form is not returned within 5 days, please gather reasoning of late reporting from the employee/supervisor and include this in the submission of the EIR or indicate you are working to obtain statements for late submission when submitting the EIR.


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